Your Liberating Pathway to Spiritual Growth

Are you ready to take the leap?

If you're willing to let go of your fear, then Kiran is the most loving, practical and supportive guide.

We really caution against taking any of these courses until you're mentally and spiritually ready to transform.

The question you need to ask yourself is:
"Have I really had enough of this sh!t?!"

If so...

Read on and find how each of these courses build on each other to release you into your true life.

Copy of Come Home to YOurself

The introductory class to enlightenment. It's intense, enlightening and profoundly self-reflective.

Fostered to grow by Kiran and also a supportive community of people striving to experience the peace, clarity and bliss that comes with a liberated mind.

Here is the first step to dropping resistance in your life and unleashing your potential to thrive and find utter contentment in your life.

Discover how to truly listen and make choices from the vast intelligence of your body and being.

Train deep listening within both your mind and body. Kiran's direct wisdom will equip you with the tools to illuminate your own personal path towards healing.

Your fellow students will also be of massive support as you undertake this monumentous transformation.

Learn what true "healing" means.

A full transformation of deep-seated fears, traumas and dysfunctional habits.

Go deeper than more traditional processes of psychological, mindful and somatic training,

Re-framing techniques, expansive cognitive shifts, emotional release tools and so much more. Wield gentleness, ease and simplicity to gain shockingly accelerated transformation.

Experience the pure life force that creates and manifests all the forms of your life.

Implement effortless action in the face of fear using simple, repeatable, and accessible steps.

Discover how to align with that process and the essence of true fulfilment as you come into total alignment with life. Bask in the limitless abundance that is available to those willing to unleash their heart's desires.

Most people take these courses multiple times. There are three different levels for each course.

  1. Your initial interaction with a course is mind-blowing and I can guarantee you that this creates ease and effortlessness in your life. Connection to life and source unfolds.
  2. Second year: you will have a much deeper connection to life, abundance and flow.
  3. Third year: you will be unrecognizable to your previous self. Experience shifts at an accelerated pace, noticing substantial results every three months.

You do not need to take the curriculum in a year-long timeframe – feel free to follow your flow. I suggest you start with Free Your Mind – take time to really harvest the tools and teachings before you go deeper.

I host an incredible seven-day retreat for intense transformations that is the perfect compliment to these courses.

The Discernment Series

There comes a point in our journey where community is necessary. We need to play with other very clear and very advanced students to get the most actualized depth and breadth of our freedom.

Welcome to the space where you can truly craft your life. Fear will arise – but here we learn how to step over our limitations and risk everything for the pure joy of living freedom. Embrace the incredible life that is your birthright.

Share your deep awakening in the world as a mentor, coach and teacher.

Mentored by Kiran and her community, gain essential support and guidance to find the source of your divine essence. Before we hold others on our shoulders we need to be masters of the tools – living and walking the pathway we offer.

We require complete support, guidance and community to help us be in service through our unique vision.