Bite sized
trainings with Kiran Trace, with the same profound impact.

Kiran Trace is an expert at showing you profoundly deep insights that map out practical and precise steps to put your life squarely inside of ease and fulfilment and to live with clarity and immense freedom.

These short training sessions are an amazing toolbox for you to start on your road to freedom. Pick and choose from the ones that address your own challenges, or take them all!

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Make better choices! If you want freedom then you have to make different choices. Become a pro at making brilliant decisions.


Kiran’s little book of resistance.

Outlining all 5 of our common saboteurs and resistance patterns

The secret to hacking meditation and a short guided meditation for support

A cheatsheet on how to start making awesome choices

5 Practical guides on how to hack your own learning curve for making WAY better choices.


Everything you need to examine to understand your real, and deeper purpose.


Understand the true and most practical definition of purpose

Uncover your natural talents and core wiring,

Uncover your own habitual resistance and saboteurs

Practical assistance for overcoming your blocks

A precise and practical business plan for your life


Your resistance is the main block to freedom. Learn how to identify, navigate and liberate yourself from your habitual resistance.


Deep insights on how your own resistance creates most of your stress and suffering

Practical support for how to simply, and effortlessly navigate through your resistance

In depth practice on how to maintain consistent time spans being entirely present to life

In depth practice on how to meet the deepest aspects of yourself and harness that healing power

In depth practice on how to live day after day without the pull of resistance

Practice deepening your access to the presence of source in the present moment


Step into the Abundance and Financial Freedom you desire.
Uncover hidden traumas, belief systems, and subtle habits that are unconsciously sabotaging your financial ease.


Take a profoundly deep dive into the REAL truth about your relationship with money

Learn how to snap out of deep tension and fears around money and finally relax.

Understand the reality of abundance and learn how to harness this resource

Develop your own relationship with abundance and stop barricading yourself out of the money and abundance that is at work in your life today!