Private coaching, community, retreats, peer support

At a certain point in our evolution, it naturally becomes about community.
We need other sane and conscious beings to work and play with.


The uniqueness of the Kiran Trace program is that to advance to the upper levels, you do not learn a set of tools and then teach the tools, you learn to master yourself. When you discover your own wholeness and your own sanity, and most of your dysfunctional programming is no longer interfering, you will be invited to Master Class.

The Master Class includes weekly meditations and regular dialogues to play and build new relationships with a community that is solely based on sanity and a mature and powerful presence.

  • Meditations and dialogues with Kiran every other week
  • Weekly buddy call with your Master Class
  • Mentoring opportunities in the larger community
  • Peer support at retreat
  • A seven-day global adventure with Kiran and the Master Class community