Accelerated Healing

Accelerated Healing

A deeply personal and intimate class, helping you unwind the deep programming and conditioning that is blocking your access to full freedom.

The next class is ten weeks, starting April 2024.
And is facilitated virtually, in the comfort of your own home.

What's included...

Check in each week and use your daily life situations to identify the habitual patterns moving for you:

  • Begin to unravel the core belief structures that are underlying painful habits.
  • Develop techniques to meet the subterranean levels of painbody with a gentle ease.
  • Transform deep challenging patterns in your life.
  • Explore energy healing, and master techniques for healing.
  • Each week you are given a simple assignment or “homework” to weave into your week to help illuminate your personal pathway to peace.
  • You will be given an option to be partnered with a “compassionate witness”, a friend in the class who will witness and support you, and you will witness and support them. This option creates deeper insight and accountability.


  • Transform habitual patterns into more ease and peace.
  • Clarify your personal and specific rhythm’s and learn how  to navigate them in the world.
  • Consistently access the stillness and presence of your heart.
  • Experience freedom and fulfillment throughout the daily events of your life, as they unfold.

Enrollment is currently closed.

Enrollment will open March 2024 to past students who have already taken the prerequisites for this course: Free Your Mind and Embodiment (formerly known as Delicious Body).

We are strong believers in sharing the healing, and one way we do this is by donating 5 percent of all total revenue generated from the Body Delicious to a thoughtfully chosen, healing-based organization. The charities we choose are evidence-backed, thoroughly vetted, profoundly underfunded organizations. We donate according to how much good our direct donations can do.

Frequently Asked Questions


Be warned; it actually works!

I joined the course without much thought and was blown away by the intensity, power and support it offered. The tools I gained taught me I can be self reliant, that I actually have the power to heal myself. Everything needed is here: love, stillness, clarity, all available for true healing to take place. I would have never got here so quickly without Kiran and the class’s support.


If you start to work with Kiran, be prepared for your life to change. I came to know freedom, love, and abundance in amounts I never knew were possible. I’ve experienced what non-duality actually means: resting at the heart of creation.

D.S.Zurich, Switzerland

Kiran teaches practical healing tools alongside the secrets of the universe. She walks you through your pain into levels of peace and freedom you didn’t know existed. I am stunned into blissful silence by her clarity and at rest in her loving presence. We need a new scale for teachers, because Kiran is off the charts!

M.R.Chicago, US

Accelerated Healing is the most effective healing class I’ve taken, because it comes from the deepest aspect of who we are. It’s helped me open up to myself in a way I haven’t been able to before, and in a way that is joyful and easy. I feel much much better equipped to meet myself and life. I’m very grateful for the support and the wisdom I’ve gained from this course!


If you are like me and have trouble extending true and unconditional compassion to yourself, this course will help guide you. Parts of me that felt isolated and unwanted can now finally heal in silence, love, and light. No matter how much I resist it, the results speak louder. All I have to do now is just lean in a little. The rest takes care of itself.


Kiran’s classes are life changing. My whole life I have been doing things – I had to expend a lot of energy to keep up. From Kiran, I am learning I don’t need to “do” anything or be a certain way to be safe. I am so grateful for her work and classes.

S.Y.Chicago, USA

Love, love, love Kiran and her approach to life… right here, right now… Freedom from suffering is totally possible! She gently guides with beautifully simple techniques allowing each step towards wholeness to unfold naturally.

K.H.Half Moon Bay, US

This is the only course or healing process I’ve been involved in that actually works. Kiran is so clear, her teachings are so simple and precise, and the process involves a natural progression that makes so much sense. I recommend this course to anyone who is devoted to healing and living a life of alignment and fulfillment.

A.M.United Kingdom

Doing this class the second time around was more intense and powerful than the first. I even got to unravel a core wound in my system, which was the doorway to even deeper and more powerful healings, more freedom in my relationships, and sweeter life movements. There is almost an unfettered access to Stillness, in which transformations continue to take place at a breathless pace.

Kiran talks about results – repeatable, sustainable, discernible results – and here are mine. Physically, my body has undergone incredible changes:

– tendonitis in left knee has healed and I can walk without pain
– right knee injury hasn’t bothered me in ages
– right shoulder injury doesn’t twinge anymore
– haven’t had a throat infection in 10 months (they usually occur twice a year)
– elbows aren’t so stiff and painful
– flexible, curved neck that can bend and move with virtually no stiffness or pain
– looser, softer shoulders, upper arms, upper back
– the tennis ball sized knot between shoulder blades is now the size of a small marble
– able to lie flat on the bed at night because the curve in my lower spine has straightened out
– feet aren’t sore after standing for a long time, callouses softer
– fewer headaches and migraines
– changes to menses, less cramping and better flow
– significantly less restless legs while sleeping, haven’t pulled a muscle in ages
– and so on

In my relationships and day to day life, all these changes are reflected as freedom. They can be felt as an alive, curious emptiness where pain used to be, as bigger space around the pain bodies, less hooking into pain, more devotion to Stillness, more authenticity, more fulfilment, more body love and incredibly speedy manifestations of my heart’s desires.

In other words, I love the class! Would totally sign up again.

Thank you Kiran, thank you, team!