Summer Retreat

July 7–13, 2024

Step outside of your everyday experience and into a full week of mind-blowing healing and transformation.

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Starting January 15, 2024

Nine weeks of practice, daily support, peer support, and community. Step towards a more alive, divine freedom by learning how to truly connect with your innermost being.

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Accelerated Healing

Starting April 2024

A ten week immersion, with daily practice, peer support, and community. Learn how to unravel the deepest core beliefs that are blinding you from access to ultimate reality and underlying every obstacle you're facing.

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Course in Fearlessness

Starting September 2023

An eight week intensive, with daily practice, peer support, and community. Get up-close and personal with the power of your infinite potential. The miracle of effortless opportunity is always available to you. Do you know how to harness and wield it?

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