Course in Fearlessness

What's included...

Each week, you will learn practical techniques to:

  • Map out those deeply delicious desires you have for your life.
  • Get up close and personal with the miracle of effortless opportunity that is always available to you and always a source of limitless abundance.
  • Get up close and personal with your core belief structures that are underlying habitual patterns that are keeping you stuck.
  • Understand and experience how to navigate effortless action in the face of fear. (Even paralyzing fear!)
  • Break down the process of jumping off into the unknown, into simple, repeatable, and accessible steps.


  • At the end of each week you will be given a simple assignment or “homework” to weave into your week to help illuminate your personal pathway towards “going-for-it”.
  • You will be partnered with a “compassionate witness”, a friend in the class who will witness and support you, and you will witness and support them. Community is good.

Lasting Benefits

  • Consistently access the miracle of effortless opportunity and limitless abundance that is always available to you.
  • Clarify your personal and specific rhythm’s and learn how you personally need to navigate towards your hearts desires in the world.
  • Build a map for risk, that is repeatable and accessible regardless of how huge a leap you may like to take.
  • Directly experience the freedom and fulfillment that is waiting for you.

Enrollment is currently closed.

Enrollment will open August 2024 to past students who have already taken the prerequisites for this course: Free Your MindEmbodiment (formerly known as Delicious Body) and Accelerated Healing.

We are strong believers in sharing the healing, and one way we do this is by donating 5 percent of all total revenue generated from the Course in Fearlessness to a thoughtfully chosen, healing-based organization. The charities we choose are evidence-backed, thoroughly vetted, profoundly underfunded organizations. We donate according to how much good our direct donations can do.

Frequently Asked Questions


Kiran’s classes offer a view and a spiritual methodology that has the immediate effect of awakening. She affords spiritual passage. She’s humble, decent and smart and most wonderfully, she’s fun.

P.P.Vancouver, Canada

Other teachers may point you towards bliss and you may get some temporary relief, but Kiran is the only one I’ve found who will go right into the pain and help you come out the other side. With these classes – the practical techniques she has developed, her insight, and her deep wells of compassion – she is the best kind of help and healing available.

M.V.Victoria, Canada

This was, without a doubt, the most powerful healing class I’ve ever had the privilege to undergo to date. I came out of it completely different from when I went in, encountering freedom, physical changes and deep love along the way.

E.N.Selangor, Malaysia

The reason I know this class is right for me is because there is always joy. Of course one deals with stuff, but it doesn’t ever get heavy. Underlying it all is a lightness, presence, so much love. At the same time the healing goes so deep, and one can do it oneself. As a Cranio Sacral Therapist, I know about how the tissues of our bodies hold knots, memories etc. Kiran shows a way how on can undo, unwind those wounds completely naturally, and sweetly.

D.L.Sussex, UK

I am finding this work soothing, healing and so compassionate. What luck to encounter a course that systematically allows a person to learn the ultimate healing process.


​These courses are profoundly transformational whilst being super accessible and practical. This is Kiran’s gift. Her tools, support and guidance go straight to the nitty gritty everyday heart of human living. It’s like everything we need (and have craved for) to be natural, loving and clear humans. I have learnt to heal my mental, emotional and physical pain. I have learnt more of what is true, loving, clear and effortless in me and how to follow that.

A.H.Newquay, UK

​In her classes, Kiran provides faith for us with enthusiasm, patience and humor, holding the container for each person to explore their inner landscapes without fear. The jist of my ongoing ‘consciousness upgrade’ is: I get to be me. And the me I get to be is God. Freedom, joy, play, fascination, abandon! Peppered with nitty gritty karmic hell globules, for which I now have some pretty decent tools to handle…
Having been a spiritually leaning person all my life it has been very annoying to not have achieved this level of peace and bliss on my own heretofore.


Having struggled with PTSD for most of my life (and using spirituality as a way to escape), I feel that one of the most amazing things learned through Kiran’s classes is what an utter beautiful privilege it is meeting pain in the space of the heart.

L.C.Salt Lake City

I am deeply grateful for being a part of this group and feel that the process of deepening into presence has really started to be a reality here. I began this group in a difficult place, which is now hard to remember because there are so many moments of subtle joy. I would recommend to anyone to register for this group, it is so worthwhile.

P.H.United Kingdom

I enjoy many great masters, but Kiran is so precious and rare. With Kiran’s classes, I was able to see that “freedom is all inclusive”. Enormous appreciation for this seeing. The process is very active, personal and magical. I learned to move mountains without getting rid of them, just touching them with Love. The power of simplicity is her signature to me. And our stories are honored with her, they become our path to walk to freedom. Kiran has shown me the essential.

M.A.Milano, Italy