Free Your Mind

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Free Your Mind

A step by step process to unravel resistance and get a direct experience of peace and ease.

Our minds constantly weave webs of illusion, distracting us from deeper perceptions of reality. This is an unconscious attempt to be "safe" instead becomes a constant barrage of noise – self-recrimination, worry, anxiety, self-improvement plans.

​​So what happens when we take a deep dive past that activity and come directly to the vulnerable space of just simply being aware? What happens when we pay such deep attention to ourselves without any resistance in the way? What remains when there is nothing for the mind to grip against and everything simply drops away? What happens then?

This seven-day course offers a step-by-step process to unravel resistance and get some direct experience of peace and ease. Every morning, you will receive an email with teaching from Kiran, and 45-90 minutes of practice. And soon after purchasing this course, you will be invited to join a private community where you can discuss your experiences with the course and give and receive communal support. Peace and freedom are easier together!

For me, Kiran offers the fast route to freedom and sanity, freedom and sanity on steroids. She stood out from the moment I met her, with her direct, no bull-shit language, exempt from spiritual phrases and vague concepts. Her Tools for Sanity are powerful, practical and have changed my life from day one.There is no escape when I am with Kiran. Wherever I go, she is right there with me, and brings me back. There is no distance, no preaching, no pretense, no pretentiousness. There is no pain or suffering she has not experienced, and there is no love she doesn’t live. I trust her with all that I am to hold me through pain, fear, freedom and love.

M.S.Oslo, Norway


This course is very intimate and very direct.
Please read the free book Freedom vs Fear before you start this class.

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