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Kiran Trace is a human development expert. She offers a complete path of healing.

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freedom vs fear ebook
Find out exactly what steals your clarity, and get all of the tools you need to fuel an inner transformation:
  • Freedom vs Fear, a book covering the 5 most common patterns of suffering, and how to identify them
  • From Busy Mind To Stillness, a guided meditation that helps you move away from the chatter inside your head and into a tangible sense of peace
  • 5 core teachings from Kiran that will help you to identify what real freedom looks like and learn how to live it



Kiran completely changed what I believed was possible in this life. No part of life is left in the shadows with her work. If you want real truth and freedom, delivered in the form of a badass, funny, and totally down-to-earth woman, I recommend Kiran to you with everything I’ve got. 

Dr. Megan Roekle, PsyD

Kiran has used her incredible clarity into the workings of the human psyche and body to create a set of tools which are unparalleled. They produce miraculous results in a very short period of time. The effects of these practices create an ease and flow in life which I have not found in my lifetime of exploration into other tools and techniques.

—Dr. Loren Eskanazi, Surgeon & Author: More Than Skin Deep, Reconstructing Aphrodite

Kiran is funny, irreverent and wise. She often tells people that she is a teacher of reality, not spirituality, but I have learned a great deal about both reality and spirituality from her.

—  Dr. Jill Blakeway, best-selling author, Founder &Clinic Director at The Yinova Center


Everything that you need in your healing journey, from beginning to end.

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Liberate yourself from your painful habits.

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Read Tools For Sanity
Kiran's unparalleled, highly effective toolset for transforming your suffering.

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Join the Online Class
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Featured in the new book Energy Medicine: The Science and Mystery of Healing

Jill has written a wholly captivating book. She takes the reader intimately along with her in her own journey to discover what the truth is behind "miraculous healings". She travels the globe meeting an array of amazing scientists and healers, discovering for herself what it means to be a doctor practicing and healing her own patients.

Kiran is her coach and one of her guides along this profound journey. This book is one of those great reads that you simply can't put down.

Conscious Parenting App

Kiran is creating a revolutionary resource for parents: an app that brings conscious solutions to every parenting challenge with the touch of button, in order to bring more consciousness and joy into parents' daily dilemmas. Learn More

Buddha at the Gas Pump

Kiran's appearances on the show have had more than 50,000 views, making her one of the most popular emerging spiritual teachers to ever be on the show, and one of the few guests to be invited back multiple times. Watch Kiran's Interview on BATGAP

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