Harness the power of Source
so you can heal & liberate your life.


Kiran doesn’t waste time or energy on a bunch of spiritual mumbo jumbo. Her insights and tools are effective, cut through the BS, and support tremendous personal evolution.

Rick O'Donnell, Entrepreneur, National Advisor for Entrepreneurial Excellence

Kiran has used her incredible clarity into the workings of the human psyche and body to create a set of tools which are unparalleled. They produce miraculous results in a very short period of time. The effects of these practices create an ease and flow in life which I have not found in my lifetime of exploration into other tools and techniques.

—Dr. Loren Eskanazi, Surgeon & Author: More Than Skin Deep, Reconstructing Aphrodite

Kiran is funny, irreverent and wise. She often tells people that she is a teacher of reality, not spirituality, but I have learned a great deal about both reality and spirituality from her.

—  Dr. Jill Blakeway, best-selling author, Founder & Clinic Director at The Yinova Center


Kiran's Story

Kiran is a human development expert and hands-on spiritual mentor.  Offering a complete path of evolution, her teachings help you access Source and clarity, so you can have the life you desire.

But we just call her the Clarity B*tch.

Everything you need

in your healing journey, from beginning to end.

Step 1

Our soul’s best friend is clarity. The challenge is for you to experience the liberation that comes from true clarity.

Step 2

Sweet, sweet freedom.
Liberate yourself
from painful habits.

Step 3

Kiran's highly effective toolset for transforming your suffering

Step 4

Go deeper. Join a global community. Warning: this is not your mother's online class!

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