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Kiran Trace is a non-dual teacher who draws upon her own direct experience of reality to point her students to much greater freedom.

Kiran offers a complete path of healing. Her support and guidance go straight to the nitty-gritty heart of human living.

Through her teachings, you will learn more of what is true, loving, clear, and effortless in yourself—and how to follow that to navigate your everyday life.

What's stealing your freedom?

Find out exactly what steals your freedom and get all of the tools you need to fuel an inner transformation: A (FREE) starter kit with eBook and meditation:
  • eBook "Freedom verses Fear" covers the 5 most common patterns of suffering, and how to identify them
  • Meditation "From Busy Mind To Stillness" helps you move out of the chatter inside your head, and into a tangible sense of peace
  • 5 Core teachings from Kiran will help you to identify what real freedom looks like, and learn how to live it


“Fulfillment is possible.
It’s possible in every area of your life.
It just requires the courage to stop settling for less.”

A Fresh Perspective

Because Kiran spontaneously awoke with no prior spiritual background, her teachings are most often called "fresh".

She tends to turn familiar concepts upside-down, exposing the heart and distortions of traditional teachings. At the same time, she has developed a unique set of practical and elegant tools which produce rapid freedom from suffering. Her approach is infused with a combination of compassion, humor, and startling clarity.


Everything that you need in your healing journey, from beginning to end.

How to get started:

1 Download the free eBook

Expose your patterns of resistance.

2 Take 7 Days to Free Your Mind

Learn to liberate yourself from your painful habits

3 Read Tools for Sanity

Learn about Kiran's unparalleled and highly effective toolset for transforming your suffering.

4 Join the Online Classes

Go deeper.
Immerse yourself in practice.
Join a global community of clear and advanced practitioners.

Kiran's Interview on BATGAP (Buddha at the Gas Pump)

Kiran's appearances on the show have had more than 40,000 views, making her one of the most popular emerging spiritual teachers that has ever been interviewed on the show, and one of the few guests to be invited back multiple times.

Time to Plan for Summer Retreat

Step outside of your everyday experience and into a full week of mind-blowing healing and transformation.

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