Kiran gives new meaning to
the term “liberated woman”.

Dawn D., Sebastapol, CA

Kiran's Story

in 2005, while changing shoes for a date, I died.
I died in a moment. Suddenly I was gone.
But let’s start at the beginning...

I was abducted from my mother at age 3. Raised by my father, his home was one of extreme abuse and ritual violence. There was a lot of Mom looking for us, us moving, repeat.  At 21 years of age my PTSD was highly active; a sound, a smell, a sudden surprise could initate a three-day blackout. I would wake up in a strange city with zero recollection. It would be a process of slow awareness, discovering clues of where I was, what my name was, what day it was. My childhood escape was interesting. I took to studying human development patterns and was obsessed with the human capacity for healing. It all began when I was thirteen; something happened at my house that terrorized me into dissociated flight (normal for my house). What was not normal was what happened in that dissociated state...

 I rode my bike to the local Parks and Rec office lied about my age and signed up to be a volunteer assistant in the programming office. It turned into twelve years of amazingly in-depth developmental training, I was able to bury myself in training. I worked assessing and creating programs for children and youth with Parks and Recreation, then for Neighborhood Houses Association, then Boys and Girls Clubs and Outward Bound. By 25, I worked with high risk and criminal young adults, other survivors of extreme abuse. I developed a process for healing and transformation. At the same time I was finishing a degree in Arts, studying the subconscious patterns of human expression, and using theatre and dance as ways for my teens to find emotional literacy. Step by step life was leading me on a journey. With the kids and teens, all of us fighting our way into one clear breath, together. 

But then I died. 


I died in a moment, sitting on the bed, changing shoes for a date, and suddenly I was gone. Three days later this spaciousness that I used to know as ‘me’ wrote, “such a strange death this is, I have died, but into bliss.” A spontaneous and complete awakening into original nature, it later became known as.

My mind blew out completely that day. A spontaneous event, without the aid of drugs, or meditation, or tech. My mind and filters never returned. My life was over. The adventure of how to live primarily as space began. But it's not at all what you think, to be in our modern world with no identity, only timelessness, and pure unfiltered reality. I recorded all fine points of the intense awe and hell in my first book  Tools for Sanity.

But It takes a minute to adjust...

I visited a lot of people all over the globe that were enlightened or at least proclaimed it. I learned a lot, ironically most of them asked me to teach. I usually just said "fuck No! I don't know anything about Spirituality!!" But eventually, around 10 years later, and after a load of healing… I got cornered.  

As it turned out, I was born for this. Not the spiritual leader part, I still don’t know shit about that. I spent 10 years figuring out what living as pure energy is all about, then the first three years of teaching simply peering into peoples’ systems and watching these amazing, beautiful, and truly intelligent processes at work. I logged 2,500 hours of watching human systems in three years. And I LOVED IT! 

So, now I say: "Because I awoke with no prior spiritual background, I don’t have any spiritual language or lineage I am pointing to. All of my teachings represent my direct experience of reality."  Also, because my mind blew so completely I jokingly say, “I got an upgrade to the awakened package. That includes some extras like empath and clairvoyance,” but really it's the profound lack of mental filters, being able to sense and witness universal energy creating our human blueprints that gives me what we might call ‘clairvoyance’. Because of this, I can sense where the pain is sourcing in you, can read your deep seated patterns, to show you how to unwind it and find peace and freedom. 

And that is my joy:
Pointing out how much capacity you actually have.

Figure out what you want, and I'll help you get there.
My students and clients call me the clarity bitch.
My methods are fun, raw, unconventional, real, and direct.

I consider Adyashanti to be my main mentor and as it turns out I am grateful for his push to move me to teach.

My books, classes, and other offerings are devoted to clarifying how you can access your innate sanity so you can transform your world.

A fresh voice among too many sound-alikes.

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