Private Sessions

Transforming Pain to Peace

Kiran gives new meaning to the term “liberated woman.”
She's fresh, cheeky, and vibrantly alive.

Transforming Pain to Peace

Kiran gives new meaning to the term “liberated woman.”
She's fresh, cheeky, and vibrantly alive.

Private sessions with Kiran offer focused, high-level support for accelerated transformation. Kiran brings humor, grace and her trademark audacious, no bullshit, straight talk to the session, intuitively sensing what is appropriate for each individual.

In order to....


  • Find more peace and stillness in everyday life.
  • Heal from trauma, pain, or repetitive patterns of dysfunction.
  • Transform deep-seated patterns and aggressive, busy mind.
  • Identify your personal rhythms and learn how to navigate them with ease and clarity.
  • Inquire into awakening to your authentic and true nature.

How It Works

  • Private sessions are held Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm PST (Pacific Standard Time).
  • The calls are approximately 60 minutes, but each session is unique, so times may vary.
  • We use an international call service with local numbers in 38 countries.
    (You won't have to call overseas, instead you'll simply place a local call.)
  • Calls may be recorded so you can download each call to have for your personal resource.

Ready to Book a Session?

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First session: $240 USD

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Regular session: $190 USD

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Buy now with PayPal

2) Send an e-mail to [email protected] with 2+ suggested time slots that would work for you. Please include what country you are in. We will get back to you within 24 hours (on business days).


After years of therapy and seeking with many great teachers, I found Kiran. Kiran is truly unique among the field of Spiritual teachers. In a few short months, my life radically transformed and filled with peace and ease. Through her own history of extreme suffering and difficult awakening, she has developed a highly effective tool-chest for addressing all aspects of suffering and offers them with fierce compassion.


With beautifully simple tools and practices, Kiran takes you through step by step to help build up your own independent deep healing abilities. With X-ray vision Kiran can see right where you’re stuck, and with love and clarity, help you ease yourself right out of it.

E.N.Selangor, Malaysia

Week after week I’m blown away with Kiran’s demeanor, deep compassion and insight. She always grounds our work together in tools for me to live authentically, and whole.


​With Kiran’s love and clarity you can explore the most intimate and hidden aspects of self. My life has changed profoundly, in ways I could never have imagined. A life filled with sweet freedom, joy and fulfillment.


Connecting with Kiran has been a real blessing. Within minutes she manages to root out patterns that years of therapy couldn’t scratch. She works with a great blend of tough love and real compassion that allows you to feel safe and challenged at the same time. Thank you Kiran for teaching me about pain-busting, bliss riding, and for cheering from the sidelines. Maybe you should give me my own testimonial page, I could probably fill it. I would recommend her to anyone who is ready for a gentle push towards a more free way of living.

A.S.Toronto, Canada

​I love working with Kiran. She is fun and juicy and very deep. She tracks what is happening in my system supremely and then provides words and a map to clarity and delicious embodiment.


Whatever she’s done to me seems to be making me laugh a lot, and cry a lot.

C.C.Boulder, CO

Kiran is very good “seer.” She can sense, even over the phone, exactly where I’m at inwardly. She uses her intuitive skill to ask just the right questions that somehow cause me to open up doors within myself that I’ve never noticed before. In the opening of these inner doors, I am able to experience deep aspects of myself in ways that are permanently changing me as this ongoing process unfolds.

R.R.Ashland, NC

I so appreciate Kiran’s generosity, clarity, intelligence and love. Any aspect of your being is safe and held in her guidance. She is a clear vessel for the absolute in a human body. She brings her experience and a radical honesty, making being divine and human delightful and safe no matter what.


What I love about Kiran is that even as she is coming from a life lived as oneness, she is in love with form and the self as an expression of God.


We hear all the same words being flung about by so many teachers, and the misunderstandings and misinterpretations can be huge. It’s been life changing to find someone, not only to guide and support my evolution but to teach me how to do it for myself. Finally, a taste of what true independence is.

A.H.Sussex, UK

Kiran is sensational at walking people through to a path of ease and sanity. When you’re at a loss as to what or why something is not working, why it’s so hard, then this is where you go. Kiran is calmly brilliant.

T.O.Vancouver, Canada

I feel such love and compassion from Kiran, She has been there, done that. I am so grateful to have found her along the path. She had me pegged from the get go and knew exactly how and where I was stuck. I’ve never met anyone so present and exacting like Kiran, who with just a few words out of my mouth, can pin point and articulate so clearly the habitual patterns that hold me back. She is clear, concise, and also happens to be a very fun.

L.C.Toronto, Canada

I have benefited from the work of many incredible teachers, however Kiran has been my truest teacher. Kiran IS the tender, warm welcome, always there, alive in every moment. She reveals sweet truth of existence so tenderly, yet with great precision and grace,very clearly revealed, and continually evidenced. I will always be grateful to Life for bringing Kiran into mine!

T.M.Janesville, WI

For me, Kiran offers the fast route to freedom and sanity, freedom and sanity on steroids. She stood out from the moment I met her, with her direct, no bull-shit language, exempt from spiritual phrases and vague concepts. Her Tools for Sanity are powerful, practical and have changed my life from day one.There is no escape when I am with Kiran. Wherever I go, she is right there with me, and brings me back. There is no distance, no preaching, no pretense, no pretentiousness. There is no pain or suffering she has not experienced, and there is no love she doesn’t live. I trust her with all that I am to hold me through pain, fear, freedom and love.

M.S.Oslo, Norway