Private Coaching

with Kiran and her expert team

Who is Kiran Trace: Master Coach and Healer

"I am a human development expert and spiritual mentor. I am also a clairvoyant and a teacher. In 2005, I had a massive awakening into my original nature. My mind and all its filters suddenly blew out, never to return. I became a mentor nearly a decade later.

Since then I have had the privilege to mentor thousands of people in 17 different countries, including celebrities, athletes, and c-suite executives of fortune 500 companies. Prior to this I had a 15-year career in clinical practice studying human behavior and development patterns. I have a profound awareness of our human belief and behavioral systems and post-awakening combine that with active applications of spiritual insight to help people live with much more ease, fulfilment and freedom. My passion is to be your ally and walk you home to Source so you can harness that capacity and craft the life you desire."

Kiran Trace Private Sessions

KIran's gift gives her more access to choice, to spaciousness, and to the connected field in which we are all one, and it’s from this perspective that she encourages people to live with ease, love abundantly, and create the life they want.

J.B., M.Sc. L. Ac, Best selling author, founder and Director of Yinova health clincs, Master HealerNew York, N.Y.

Who is Leela Sutter: Energy Healer

Leela is a master level coach working directly with Kiran Trace.
She is an energy healer and yogini. Her work focuses on unwinding the resistant and traumatic layers in your body. She helps your system connect to Source Energy.  For your system it feels like a relief, a bath in love, and a greater sense of freedom from the moment you begin.

Leela had a gradual awakening after a massive trauma event, in 2016.

"Leela is wonderful at sensing what your body needs, and it’s really sweet to have a practice specifically tailored to you. A series that meets you where you are, and then grows with you as your physical capacities expand. A reminder that being home in your body is enough."