Fairies and Their Antagonists – Episode 22

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Elves and Friends - Episode 17

This week Meg and Kiran bring us a new take on the avatars:  the natural enemies of each. All the avatars have some common ground. but there are some that hold too many opposite traits and they can be quite toxic to each other if you aren’t aware of this! That being said, they can also deeply compliment each other if you find the crossover. 

Show Notes:

Fairie Explosive VS Gnome Contactive
Fairie Essence VS Hobbit Execution
Fairie Mischief VS Human Rules

Kanye West Yeezus Decoded 
Moose and the Toasters: Taste the Biscuit
Tina Fey & Tracy Morgan: Impersonations

 Kiran Trace 9 day challenge

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Hosted by Kiran Trace and Meg Roekle. 
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