About the Program

I have always wished there was a college where people can learn the basic job of a parent: a place to learn the skills needed when parenting, like the conscious mission and values, the skills you need to specialize in, general skills... even a detailed job description to start with. We have this for nurses, for child care workers, for teachers... well, we have basic training for most things that involve children. But not for parents.

That’s where this project comes in: a comprehensive course that runs over all the basics of the job.

We wouldn't assume that every human should innately understand how to, for instance, be a nurse. And we wouldn’t assume that everyone should be a nurse, and the best you can do is  learn on the job. But we do this to parents. We assume that it is an innate skill; that everyone should do it and it’s a learn-on-the-job skill.

Sure, you can find tons and tons of in-depth learning materials out there. But nothing that just covers the basics—meaning a simplified and comprehensive guidebook, like we have for nursing, for instance.

We are developing this guidebook. It will cover all the basics (and more) of being a conscious parent, including the overall mission of the job, the values and propositions involved, and the skills required—both specialized and general skills. We are also including at-your-fingertips solutions for all kinds of parenting dilemmas.

The program is being packaged as an app, so parents have the tools they need in the simplest delivery platform possible and readily available at their fingertips.

It will include:

  • Conscious solutions for most of your parenting challenges
  • Appropriate consequences for each age group
  • Nutrition and developmental needs simplified and broken down by age
  • Simple charts and reading materials to understand all the various basics of the job


We will begin presenting the app to various parenting groups to help refine the overall design beginning June 2019.

We will be releasing the app and a book for purchase worldwide in late 2019.


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About the Author (Kiran)

I began my training in human development by specializing in childhood development. I later studied human development movement patterns under the mentorship of Diane Miller, and subconscious belief systems that drive human behavior while studying fine arts at university.

Before I came to know the true nature of reality, I had 12 years of professional development work. I have worked as a senior programmer for Parks and Recreation, Neighborhood Houses, and Boys and Girls Clubs, creating programs, doing behavior assessments and developing support networks for families  

In the professional setting have worked with toddlers through late teens, including focus on children with disabilities, teens in crisis, children on the spectrum, and juvenile delinquent rehabilitation. In later years I used fine arts in collaboration with childhood development and created a project for suicidal teens in rural Canada, using theater and film as advocacy and literacy development.

Then my mind blew a fuse… (read more)

Goal of the App

Parents will have solutions to common parenting challenges and simple conscious responses to almost every situation a parent faces at their fingertips.

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Change is a really hard won thing. So Kiran created a step-by-step system for transformation—any transformation. This transformation formula is in the form of a simple 100-page book. Tools for Sanity outlines the four steps needed to transform anything.

Additionally, she built four classes to systematically uproot toxic conditioning and repattern sane and conscious skills for living a clear and fulfilled life. Over the last five years, thousands of people have proven the success of this transformational process. Now, parents can use these same tools to start supporting their children to have skillful and fulfilling lives.