I have worked with other teachers, but none led me to such direct experience of my essence as Kiran. She is tremendously loving and fierce. She cuts through illusions of the mind with sabre-like focus. My life is changed in a very short time.
E. G. San Francisco, US

Because of this class I have access to parts of myself that I wasn’t even aware existed a few months ago.  Kiran is able to explain truth in a way that is so clear it inspires every fiber of your being into motion.  I now know freedom is available to me and this is the greatest gift one could ever receive.

C.R.Chicago, US

After taking the first 3 courses Kiran offers, I feel an immense clearing of old patterns, I move from distress to safety and center at any moment. I find presence and ease day to day. I recommend Kiran’s sleek methods to anyone seeking lasting sanity and profound growth.

S.T.New York, US

She has a great talent for “seeing” into a person, and she can pinpoint exactly where the “wires” are crossed. In the untangling of these “wires” or deeply-entrenched beliefs, a huge sense of relief and freedom is experienced.

R.R.Ashland, US

I enjoy many great masters, but Kiran is so precious and rare. Kiran has the gift of seeing deeply in the systems of people. She can pinpoint the limited stories based on pattern to help us to dissolve them. The power of simplicity is her signature to me. And our stories are honored with her, they become our path to walk to freedom. Kiran has showed me the essential.

M.A.Milano, Italy

If you start to work with Kiran, be prepared for your life to change. I came to know freedom, love, and abundance in amounts I never knew were possible. I’ve experienced what non-duality actually means: resting at the heart of creation.

D.S.Zurich, Switzerland

Kiran teaches practical healing tools alongside the secrets of the universe. She walks you through your pain into levels of peace and freedom you didn’t know existed. I am stunned into blissful silence by her clarity and at rest in her loving presence. We need a new scale for teachers, because Kiran is off the charts!

M.R.Chicago, US

Love, love, love Kiran and her approach to life… right here, right now… Freedom from suffering is totally possible! She gently guides with beautifully simple techniques allowing each step towards wholeness to unfold naturally.

K.H.Half Moon Bay, US

With beautifully simple tools and practices, Kiran takes you through step by step to help build up your own independent deep healing abilities. With X-ray vision Kiran can see right where you’re stuck, and with love and clarity, help you ease yourself right out of it.

E.N.Selangor, Malaysia

What a gift. A deep bow of gratitude to Kiran for her unwavering love and patience, for her deep wisdom and crystal clarity, for the generous giving of so much of her time and support, and of being such a beautiful rare example of what it is to be a Real and True Human Being!

L.C.Salt Lake City, US

After years of therapy and seeking with many great teachers, I found Kiran. Kiran is truly unique. In a few short months, my life radically transformed and filled with peace and ease. Through her own history of extreme suffering and difficult awakening, she has developed a highly effective tool-chest for addressing all aspects of suffering and offers them with fierce compassion.

L.E.Sausalito, US

Week after week I’m blown away with Kiran’s demeanor, deep compassion and insight. She always grounds our work together in tools for me to live authentically, and whole.

J.C.San Francisco, US

​With Kiran’s love and clarity you can explore the most intimate and hidden aspects of self. My life has changed profoundly, in ways I could never have imagined. A life filled with sweet freedom, joy and fulfillment.

C.M.Leicester, US

Within minutes, Kiran manages to root out patterns that years of therapy couldn’t scratch. She works with a great blend of tough love and real compassion. Thank you Kiran for teaching me about pain-busting and bliss riding, and for cheering from the sidelines.

A.S.Toronto, Canada

​I love working with Kiran. She is fun and juicy and very deep. She tracks what is happening in my system supremely and then provides words and a map to clarity and delicious embodiment.

T.M.Mill Valley, US

Whatever she’s done to me seems to be making me laugh a lot, and cry a lot.

C.C.Boulder, US

I so appreciate Kiran’s generosity, clarity, intelligence and love. Any aspect of your being is safe and held in her guidance. She is a clear vessel for the absolute in a human body. She brings her experience and a radical honesty, making being divine and human delightful and safe no matter what.

B.M.California, US

What I love about Kiran is that even as she is coming from a life lived as oneness, she is in love with form and the self as an expression of God.

A.G.California, US

We hear all the same words being flung about by so many teachers, and the misunderstandings and misinterpretations can be huge. It’s been life changing to find someone, not only to guide and support my evolution but to teach me how to do it for myself. Finally, a taste of what true independence is.

A.H.Sussex, UK

Kiran is sensational at walking people through to a path of ease and sanity. When you’re at a loss as to what or why something is not working, why it’s so hard, then this is where you go. Kiran is calmly brilliant.

T.O.Vancouver, Canada

I have benefited from the work of many incredible teachers, however Kiran has been my truest teacher. Kiran IS the tender, warm welcome, always there, alive in every moment. She reveals sweet truth of existence so tenderly, yet with great precision and grace,very clearly revealed, and continually evidenced.

T.M.Janesville, US

Working with Kiran is like having your best friend sitting in your blind spot and calling it out…ever so lovingly direct. I have worked with several teachers through out my journey and Kiran is definitely original in her approach. If you are called to a more authentic and sane way of living and learning, Kiran is the gal!

S.B.Carmel, US

Kiran is offering a view and a spiritual methodology that has the immediate effect of awakening. She affords spiritual passage. She gets in the thick of it with you and weaves magic with tenderness and love. Kiran is a very old crone in a fresh young body. She’s humble, decent and smart and most wonderfully, she’s fun.

P.P.Vancouver, Canada

Kiran blows my mind… she is so present and sees so deep into what I need. I have made great progress in my life in the way of peacefulness since I started the series with her.. .she is really helping me to break lifelong patterns that don’t serve me. Her way of conveying how to implement into the next step is clear and I know she is there for me in ways beyond my comprehension.

N.S.Hawaii, US

Kiran has a masterful way of drawing unconscious belief patterns out into daylight. She is a true guide and coach, with great love, and a tender firmness she is very effective at taking one deeper into inquiry. I refer to her as a ninja, she is so deft at catching the ways in which false belief structures shape-shift and reconstruct.

K.D.Santa Cruz, US

For me, Kiran offers the fast route to freedom and sanity, freedom and sanity on steroids. She stood out from the moment I met her, with her direct, no bull-shit language, exempt from spiritual phrases and vague concepts. Her Tools for Sanity are powerful, practical and have changed my life from day one.There is no escape when I am with Kiran. Wherever I go, she is right there with me, and brings me back. There is no distance, no preaching, no pretense, no pretentiousness. There is no pain or suffering she has not experienced, and there is no love she doesn’t live. I trust her with all that I am to hold me through pain, fear, freedom and love.

M.S.Oslo, Norway