The Purpose Course With Kiran Trace

Kiran Trace’s course
covers every aspect of PURPOSE
you will want and need to know,
but in only 10 DAYS!

The Purpose Course with Kiran Trace.
Enjoy a life of being fully utilized, and deeply fulfilled.

In the Purpose Course, you will...

Dive into understanding what your purpose on earth really is

Gain a deeper awareness of your own habitual patterns

Discover your unique calling

Understand your key blocks to having a fulfilling career focus

Make practical steps to overcoming the blocks between you and a life of PURPOSE

Learn how to build a career path and life plan that feels deeply inspiring, delicious, and actionable

Is it time for you to have an impact?
This online class has been curated from Kiran’s articles, conversations, and inquiry practices that she uses every day for her own clients.

What have you got to lose?
Because we know what you have
to win...

With the Purpose Course, You Get:

3 hours of audio teachings from Kiran to lay the foundation for a life of deeper purpose

worksheets designed to expand your purpose process

10 Assignments to deeply explore what your purpose really is


I didn’t understand how to do the classes, I felt behind, I was scared. But I kept going. Kiran Trace classes have been the most challenging, intense work, but I have learned so much about myself.

Kiran Trace courses alongside the summer retreat have been the most fulfilling, gratifying and healing journey I have ever experienced. I have grown more this year than my entire life. I now meditate everyday. I now have a community who supports and understands me & my healing journey. I have tools to help myself & to connect more deeply & lovingly with my pain.

I finally upleveled my living situation & gave myself a dream apartment with everything I could ever ask for. I have found more peace with my body than ever before & am treating it with so much love, eating exactly what it wants, & moving exactly how it needs. I am more active & eating such beautiful food, but it is coming from desire, not from fear or pain like it has my whole life.

With these classes, I have faced so many fears, like going to a major yoga retreat when I barely did yoga, and an outdoor climbing trip with very little experience. I have completed half marathons, and a triathlon all from body connection. I started a business that is now soaring, when I could barely get it off the ground, because of my fear of failing.

Simone Freeman
Executive Chef and food consultant. Owner of Sol Cafe and founder of FreemanChai.
Creates food experiences that build community.