Setting up your Group

Create a NEW GROUP

Cherry-pick your dream team from your Whatsapp contact list.  For the group subject: 10 Days To Deeper Purpose

Add a group icon (next to the subject).

Send a welcome message

Post a quick welcome message to the group explaining what it is about. You can copy the template below, paste it into Whatsapp, and then edit it any way you want before sending.

Hi Gang! I’m hoping to host a 10 Day challenge by Kiran Trace here in this group (free obvs!)  It’s a mindful task + activity every day for 10 days. I think it will be a cool way to add a dash of passion or purpose into your day to day right now. And fun to do it together! No pressure – but if anyone wants to do this with me, just text “I’m in” or “I’m out.” ❤😊

Start the course

Wait a day or two for everyone to join, then remove anyone who said “I’m out”. Then reach out to your new group with:

Hiya! Thanks for letting me host this group!

And then forward Day 1 to your group. The next day, forward Day 2's message, and so on. Remember, all that you need to be doing is forwarding the posts daily, so it just takes a sec.

(To forward a message in WhatsApp, tap and hold the message you want to forward, tap the Forward arrow up above, then tap send.)

🌸 Please note - there's no pressure in organizing a group, it ain’t no thing if you aren’t quite ready.