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It's like the journal I started in 2005, but with less furious scribbles, watermarks from my tears and various snacks....But now I’ve included more field guides, articles, book excerpts, and loads of juicy stuff.


Calling out your blind spot

Working with Kiran is like having your best friend sitting in your blind spot and calling it out…ever so lovingly direct. I have worked with several teachers through out my journey and Kiran is definitely…

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Grateful for this group

I am deeply grateful for being a part of this group and feel that the process of deepening into presence has really started to be a reality here. I began this group in a difficult…

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The immediate effect of awakening (praise)

Kiran is offering a view and a spiritual methodology that has the immediate effect of awakening. She affords spiritual passage. She gets in the thick of it with you and weaves magic with tenderness and…

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Kiran blows my mind

Kiran blows my mind… she is so present and sees so deep into what I need. I have made great progress in my life in the way of peacefulness since I started the series with…

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Drawing unconscious belief patterns out

Kiran has a masterful way of drawing unconscious belief patterns out into daylight. She is a true guide and coach, with great love, and a tender firmness she is very effective at taking one deeper…

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I enjoy many great masters (classes)

I enjoy many great masters, but Kiran is so precious and rare. With Kiran’s classes, I was able to see that “freedom is all inclusive”. Enormous appreciation for this seeing. The process is very active,…

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M.S. – Sanity on steroids

For me, Kiran offers the fast route to freedom and sanity, freedom and sanity on steroids. She stood out from the moment I met her, with her direct, no bull-shit language, exempt from spiritual phrases…

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