AccelHeal – E.N.

Doing this class the second time around was more intense and powerful than the first. I even got to unravel a core wound in my system, which was the doorway to even deeper and more powerful healings, more freedom in my relationships, and sweeter life movements. There is almost an unfettered access to Stillness, in which transformations continue to take place at a breathless pace.

Kiran talks about results – repeatable, sustainable, discernible results – and here are mine. Physically, my body has undergone incredible changes:

– tendonitis in left knee has healed and I can walk without pain
– right knee injury hasn’t bothered me in ages
– right shoulder injury doesn’t twinge anymore
– haven’t had a throat infection in 10 months (they usually occur twice a year)
– elbows aren’t so stiff and painful
– flexible, curved neck that can bend and move with virtually no stiffness or pain
– looser, softer shoulders, upper arms, upper back
– the tennis ball sized knot between shoulder blades is now the size of a small marble
– able to lie flat on the bed at night because the curve in my lower spine has straightened out
– feet aren’t sore after standing for a long time, callouses softer
– fewer headaches and migraines
– changes to menses, less cramping and better flow
– significantly less restless legs while sleeping, haven’t pulled a muscle in ages
– and so on

In my relationships and day to day life, all these changes are reflected as freedom. They can be felt as an alive, curious emptiness where pain used to be, as bigger space around the pain bodies, less hooking into pain, more devotion to Stillness, more authenticity, more fulfilment, more body love and incredibly speedy manifestations of my heart’s desires.

In other words, I love the class! Would totally sign up again.

Thank you Kiran, thank you, team!