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What to Expect

If you find yourself in more resistance, struggle, or pain than you want...

Leela provides a very tender, gentle and accessible energy healing to help you get unstuck, find safety, joy and grounding in your body,  and find more aliveness in your life.

She works on the dense areas of your body that don't yet have an uplifted source field, so very tenderly she helps those area's increase their vitality and access to source.  This is gentle and ongoing work, we recommend a 3 month package of weekly sessions. Your body will reset to its dense habits very easily, so the series is aimed and transforming those long held resitant patterns in a simple and soothing way. Along with silent meditation and your own inquiry process, this will help uplevel those deeply stuck in blocks. Most of Leelas clients started with this package and found it so profoundly nourishing they continue weekly sessions for deeper and ongoing healing and physical uplevels.
But start here and see for yourself!

In order to...

  • Find more peace and stillness in everyday life.
  • Heal from trauma, pain, or repetitive uncomfortable patterns.
  • Support for awakening into your body and true nature.
  • Deeper connection and grounding in your body.
  • The needs of your body are more available and freed up from emotional overwhelm
  • Simpler relationship to self care, reaching to wellness as an easy first choice
  • More ease and safety in your body when emotional overwhelm is triggered
  • More awareness of your own habitual sabotage systems

How it works

  • Initial session: $160.00 USD
  • Packages of 4 weekly sessions: $420.00 USD
  • Packages of 12 Weekly sessions $1,250.00 USD
    (Discounted PRICE! ) 
  • Sessions are held Monday–Friday, 10am–8pm Central European Time.
  • The calls are approximately 40 minutes, but each session is unique, so times may vary.
  • We use an international call service with local numbers in 38 countries.
    (You won't have to call overseas, instead you'll simply place a local call.)
  • Calls may be recorded so you can download each call to have for your personal resource.

Ready to book?

First session: $160 USD
Regular session: e-mail: [email protected] to buy a package of WEEKLY sessions