with Kiran

You're a high-level performer, an achiever, a leader.

You have an audience, and influence, by all accounts, the world defines you as successful.

Sounds great. So what’s missing?

The truth is that most business leaders, teachers, wellness providers, healers, and successful influencers LACK the support, assistance, and wise counsel that they need so they can show up as fully conscious leaders.

You provide constant support for your people without having a shoulder to lean on. You’re so deep in leading others, you have no time, space, or energy for yourself. And let’s face it: your practice, your embodiment, and your needs are beyond the average teacher, healer, therapist, or coach.

It’s intensely, deeply lonely being at the top of the pile.

It’s no surprise to you that high-pressure roles exacerbate isolation and executive stress. Your normal life pressurizes feelings of survivor’s guilt, fear of success, imposter syndrome, and feeling alienated and misunderstood.

Plus, there’s no simple solution to it all. Your daily life demands personal privacy, clear public communications, high-level decision making, supporting everyone, and the essential need for ongoing personal evolution. All this keeps you stuck on the treadmill of just solving the next challenge or creatively handling the next intensity.

The limitations, intensities, and challenges that leaders bump up against are only mirror projections in a holographic world.

The world is a mirror, and can only respond as a mirror.

But do you know how to:

  • Shift the reflecting surface of this reality?
  • Tap into the vast intelligence of your original nature?
  • Manage high-level details of your life, business, and family with total clarity?
  • Understand your real capacity for ease and effortless with executive decisions?
  • Align with unlimited fulfillment?

Do you know who you really are, and the freedom you are really capable of?

Do you know how to access Source and live the clarity of who you really are to craft an effortless, effective and totally fulfilling life?

Welcome to Your True Nature

Evolutional Guidance with Kiran

The hands-on powerful mentorship will help you discover directly who you are and your real capacity for life, leadership, joy, and fulfillment. You will learn to harness this capacity to craft the life you desire. A life of ease, clarity, effective and efficient decision making, and the path to fulfillment that will impact your whole world.

About Kiran

I help powerful people achieve extraordinary development. I have 15 years in clinical settings assessing  the organic capacities of our developmental patterns of our individual physical, socio emotional, cognitive and motor development skills. 

In 2005, I had a massive awakening into original nature. It shattered my world. I spent years stabilizing, then integrating into our modern world with direct, embodied, profound awakeness.

Now I help people utilize the capacity of source and their true nature to fulfill their own developmental potential.

Because my mind blew so completely I jokingly say, “I got an upgrade to the awakened package that includes extras like clairvoyance.”

But really, it’s a profound lack of mental filters, being able to sense and witness universal energy creating our human blueprints that gives me what we call ‘clairvoyance’. Because of this, I can sense where the pain is sourcing in you and can read your deep seated patterns.

I find the residue of trauma and dysfunctional behavior patterns in your system and guide you towards full transmutation of these wounded patterns. Full liberation of all limiting patterns so you may be effortlessly yourself, totally liberated in all your humanity.


I have never had so little effort in my life.
I have never had so much fulfillment.
I have never made so much money.

Leela Sutter, Journalist and Yogi 

How Guidance with Kiran Helps You Thrive

I love one-on-one coaching.

My true passion lies in working side by side with you, bringing considerably more clarity into your existing thought processes and behavior patterns. I am constantly amazed at what I get to see inside of the body and energy system, and how intelligent and amazing your own deep subconscious patterns truly are.

It has been my true joy to coach a wide variety of extraordinary human beings:

  • I work with CEO’s of multi-million dollar corporations. I've also mentored not-for-profit corporations in numerous countries.
  • I work with entrepreneurs, authors, billionaires, actors, top wellness experts, top MD's, Non-Dual teachers, and new thought leaders, as well as creative and resourceful humans from all walks of life.
  • I have worked with individuals who have survived combat PTSD, violent ritual abuse, addiction and compulsion, sexual assault, and incest.
  • I have worked with individuals who have sustained hugely successful careers while battling defeating depression, or addictions.
  • I assist with those newly awakened into unfiltered reality and individuals who find themselves living with more effort than freedom.

I have worked with a number of mentors & teachers Kiran Trace is absolutely the best.

Her insight is remarkable. She can look inside your system and see your blocks and knows exactly what needs to change. On the day of my awakening we spoke for about 10 minutes. She asked one question and instantly I opened to the true Source of life while deeply connected with the world

S. Blunk, LAC, and Energy Healer

This is for you if you want...

  • Someone to understand and notice your unique position and the successful insights, evolutions and strategies that have got you to this point. 
  • To be seen and heard and respected as the leader you are. 
  • Customized support on every level to get you to your vision. Then beyond. 
  • Someone to show you the pathway to your vision with step by step support to challenge you and celebrate you.
  • Pragmatic advice, real solutions, and specific wisdom.
  • An ally, a teacher, a mentor and a guide to help you discover the true depth of your real capacity.

What Leaders are Saying


Kiran has incredible clarity into the workings of the human psyche and body. Her set of tools are unparalleled. If used as she suggests they work for everyone producing miraculous results in a very short period of time.

Dr. L Eskanazi, Author


Kiran's work is deceptively simple, in part because it makes so much sense. But as one digs deeper, drops the resistance, allows the wisdom to seep into the cells and bones, the shifts are profound.

A. Sheeren, Host, and Filmmaker


Since working with Kiran, working with my own clients has completely transformed. It feels like an extension of how much my inner life is transforming. So effortless, fun, fulfilling and they're seeing amazing transformation. I also use Kiran's massive support for specific situations with clients.'

Brita Grothe, DPT and Coach

The truth is that success doesn’t make your life all that you thought it would. It comes with all kinds of stressors, and the isolation is usually surprising. 

I know you are ready to uplevel, to lead, and to find community and support to do that.  You need to be surrounded with a community of like minded people, and have a mentor to challenge you and support you with pragmatic advice, real solutions, and profound wisdom.

Rick OD photo

Working with Kiran is an accelerant on the journey to freedom. Her coaching quickly gets to the heart of the matter (to clarity) in a way that is refreshing, deeply healing, and liberating. Kiran doesn’t waste time or energy on a bunch of spiritual mumbo jumbo or pointers that don’t really work. Her insights and tools are effective, cut through the BS, and support tremendous personal evolution.

Rick O'Donnell – Entrepreneur, National Advisor for Entrepreneurial Excellence, and Higher Education Reformer

Kiran Trace Annual Coaching Program

350+ hours of advanced practice over approximately one year.


  • Regular and ongoing coaching sessions with Kiran
  • Unlimited email correspondence with Kiran
  • 24/7 support line

Including optional:

  • Four advanced and immersive online courses (35 weeks of daily practice)
  • Seven-day full retreat with Kiran

I work with most clients from one to four years. I have several clients I have worked with for over five years.

All coaching sessions are done over the phone. I work with those whose word and devotion are more powerful than any contract or document – those who are willing to expose every dysfunctional hideout in order to win a life of total liberation.

Be prepared for an intense focus into your life, ridding the layers of distortion so you can achieve exactly what you set out to do.

My coaching is not for the faint of heart.

However, there are some guarantees I can offer:

  • We will work in an accelerated timeline. You can expect significant results within three months, and for every three months moving forward.
  • You will cultivate a consistent, repeatable, and ongoing relationship to Source without the need for tech, substance, or substitute.
  • You will develop fulfillment in your day-to-day life, in all areas of your life.
  • You will increase your financial income without increasing effort.

If you want to unlock your life, allowing you to see clearly and be in alignment with the effortless fulfillment of your original nature, let’s begin.

Annual Coaching Agreement

 $50K per year

Prior to agreeing to the program, we will meet for a 60-minute consultation to be sure the program is a great fit for both of us. Concerns about the time or financial commitments of a year-long contract? Let's jump on a call and meet each other. You can voice any concerns and we can figure out how and if this will meet your needs.

To get started, please send an email to: [email protected]

Please note:
Kiran only has a few available spots per year, and they fill up fast. You may be waitlisted before being admitted into this program.