What to Expect

The programs at Kiran Trace are unique because they are not built around a set of tools to learn, but rather offer a step-by-step process for you to transform yourself. To book a session with Meghan, you might first like to receive some of the free tools from our toolkit. Sign up for the newsletter and you will get an e-book, a mini class, and some other cool tool; a little prep with these free tools will help you get the most out of your session.

In order to...

  • Find more peace and stillness in everyday life.
  • Heal from trauma, pain, or repetitive patterns of dysfunction.
  • Transform deep-seated patterns and aggressive, busy mind.
  • Identify your personal rhythms and learn how to navigate them with ease and clarity.
  • Inquire into awakening to your authentic and true nature.

How it works

  • Sessions are held Monday–Friday9am–5pm Central US Time.
  • The calls are approximately 60 minutes, but each session is unique, so times may vary.
  • We use an international call service with local numbers in 38 countries.
    (You won't have to call overseas, instead you'll simply place a local call.)
  • Calls may be recorded so you can download each call to have for your personal resource.

Ready to book?

First session: $255 USD
Regular session: $215 USD

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