Welcome to all of the people who dig recover.restore.yoga!

As a teacher, Kiran's real gift is in helping you actualize more clarity in your life. Her courses help you to really inhabit your body and develop a deeper sensitivity for listening to your unique system.

And for a limited time, Kiran will be offering fans of recover.restore.yoga a special opportunity to take her Embodiment class with a $200 discount.

In Embodiment, you get:

  • Nine full weeks of discovery of how our own pain, struggle, and toxic beliefs keep us away from a vast, simple, and beautiful reality full of potential.
  • A daily practice to listen, love, and heal.
  • Amazing ways to uproot limiting core beliefs and unravel the painful and limiting ideas about yourself
  • An up-close taste of your real body and who you really are.
General registration for the next Embodiment class opens November 24, 2020. To register early at the discounted price of $1,200 ($200 off), use the button below:

To learn more about Kiran's unique story and her work, we are also offering 50% off her eBook, Tools for Sanity, and her seven-day course, Free Your Mind.