Work with Kiran (NEW)

Kiran's teachings make it possible for you to access clarity and truth in a repeatable and consistent way.

Through Kiran's classes and other resources, you can learn how to unwind painful and limited ideas about yourself and discover your Delicious Yes: a practical and powerful tool that connects you to ongoing fulfillment.

To rewire the subconscious patterns and limiting beliefs that undermine our efforts to embody our divinity, we need to take it step by step.

Step One

Free Your Mind

Gain immediate spaciousness from a busy mind.

Gain a direct experience of true interconnectedness, acceptance and peace. Through seven practices over seven days, Kiran guides you step by step to get underneath the hell, struggle and stuckness in your life. A secret weapon in transforming our struggle.

Step Two

Delicious Body

Connect to your innermost being

Step towards a more alive, divine freedom by learning how to truly connect with your innermost being. Kiran created a game-changing approach to healing, starting with our bodies. Bodies are a clear, loud, and yet underheard aspect of our divinity. The perfect starting place to celebrate the true beauty, safety, innate joy of life. An adventure in rejuvenation and well-being.

Step Three

Accelerated Healing

Rapid healing for your deepest core beliefs

Digging in deeper, these are the tools you need to bring more clarity directly into your life. Learn how to unravel the deepest core beliefs that are blinding you from access to ultimate reality and underlying every obstacle you're facing. Step by step, transform accumulated wounding into more space and ease, and harness the power of true reality to transform your pain, becoming conscious, loving, and much more empowered.

Step Four

Course in Fearlessness

Understand the mechanics of Manifestation

Get up-close and personal with the power of your infinite potential. The miracle of effortless opportunity is always available to you and always a source of limitless abundance. Do you know how to harness and wield it? Step by step, Kiran guides you towards fearless action, showing you the intricate mechanics of manifestation. Rapidly see the potential of virtually anything!

Step Five


Deepen authentic connections with community

There comes a point in our journey where community is necessary. We need to play with other very clear and very advanced students to get the most actualized depth and breadth of our freedom. This is the pro league where everyone is learning how to live and play in total clarity. Fear may arise, but here is where we learn how to step over it and risk everything for the pure joy of living freedom, practicing what it is to upgrade our lives in every possible way.

Step Six


Share your wisdom with others

Our teaching program is where you will get the support of Kiran and community to launch into the world as a mentor, coach and teacher. Gain essential support and guidance for finding exactly what you have to share with the world. Before we hold others on our shoulders we need to be masters of the tools, living and walking what we offer, and we need support, guidance and community to help us be in service to our unique vision.