The Money Course with Kiran Trace

Release the fears blocking your abundance
And Step into the Financial Freedom You Desire

The Money Course with Kiran Trace

Have You Ever Experienced Any of these Feelings around Money…

Felt anxiety when paying bills or looking at your bank accounts?

Blank out when your tax accountant asks how much you made this year?

Feel nervous when spending money on yourself?

Overly spend money on purchases you don’t really want or need?

Restrict yourself from getting what you really desire and get the discounted thing instead?

Panic when a car accident or doctor’s visit makes you dip into your savings?

Felt frustrated that as a sophisticated, highly-educated person with a life that you love, you just can’t figure out why money makes you feel this way?

Have expanded your household and your monthly bills but are still in the same habits and same ceiling with money?

You’re not alone…
And It’s Time to Transform Your Allegiance to Lack & Limitation

The truth is that even educated, discerning, self-aware individuals can believe that being stuck at a ceiling with money is SEPARATE AND DIFFERENT from their spiritual and healing journey.

They subtly and obviously “invest” in their own blocks to abundance, even if they’re not aware of it nor intend to.

This keeps them in a feedback loop of confusion, anxiety, and stuck-ness around money, stopping them from reaching the easeful relationship that is true abundance.

And really… Do you actually believe that you can just try to change your thoughts about money and that will change your lifelong relationship with abundance? Has it?

Welcome to the Money Course



The seven-day immersive experience to reveal, unwind, and reset your emotional wounds and trauma-related patterns around money. This is your guided experience to shift the deep underlying patterns that have been blocking your abundance so that you can learn what ease and freedom with your finances really means.

You’re Ready for the Money Course with Kiran Trace if…

You know deep inside that working hard to make money isn’t really how most of the people with financial freedom got there. .

You’re completely ready to examine and inquire what it does take to create financial freedom in the way that feels best for you

You’re ready to walk into the fire to understand the very roots of abundance and your innate power to harness it

You’re deeply devoted to your spiritual path, never a spiritual tourist, but committed to your own evolution in every sense of the word.

You know that there is a mystery under the myths and stories, and you are ready to give up the theory and come face to face with that mystery directly.

Learn the Secrets of Infinite Grace

We’ve been conditioned to sabotage our innate ability to create financial success. We’re taught that we need to willpower our way to success, control our circumstances, and work bloody hard.

You don’t need to do all that. Or even put in the work to unlearn all that.

You do need to know how and be willing to let go of the control, the habits, and the fear and step into free fall.

Or more precisely, how to step away from yourself...

Meet Kiran Trace

Kiran Trace is an internationally renowned mentor and nondual spiritual teacher.
She has mentored thousands of people in 17 different countries, including celebrities, athletes, and c-suite executives of fortune 500 companies. She combines a 15-year career in clinical practice with active applications of spirituality to provide practical awakenings you can use to live more happily and freely now.


I love this course. It was easy, fun, and so rich at the same time. It made me think about abundance in a completely different way. Eye opening for me.

CMO of multiple global multinational companies.
Award winning advocate for diversity and a champion of corporate social responsibility and women leadership initiatives.


When I was selling my house, I needed a short term rental. When I saw a link to this rental property, it had been on the market for 3 days and already had 34 applications. People were offering to pay more than the advertised monthly rent. And the real estate agent had made arrangements to hand over the keys to a new tenant.
I knew the agent. I called her and told her I wanted the place. That was all. We ended up with a simple solution. And an hour and a half later, I had the keys to the property at the asking price!  A few weeks later I sold my house WAY above market value.

L. Dennal
Executive Program Technician for the US department of Marine Operations. 


When I am engaged in the Kiran classes, I start to change. I make moves that are unlike me, but so much more LIKE me (me sans fear, that is). I just feel empowered and fearlessly move in the direction of my delicious. And it’s so helpful to be surrounded by people who are doing the same

S. Kelly
LMFT and MPsy
Private practice specialty in children with spectrum disorders

In the Money Course with Kiran Trace, you’ll...

Uncover hidden traumas, belief systems, and subtle habits that are unconsciously sabotaging your financial ease.

Take a profoundly deep dive into the REAL truth about your relationship with money

Learn how to snap out of deep tension and fears around money and finally relax.

Understand the reality of abundance and learn how to harness this resource

Develop your own relationship with abundance and stop barricading yourself out of the money and abundance that is at work in your life today!

You Deserve Financial Freedom

If you want to have a real ease with abundance, and a fulfilling and clear relationship with money, then you will have to give up your control.

You are going to have to notice your agenda and drop it.

You are going to have to learn how to freefall into pure grace.

Are you ready to take that leap?


I feel very connected and things in my life are finally going super smoothly.So effortless! Even my wife noticed, she said "We seem to be in the right stream, everything is going super easily.

Acupuncturist and K.T. Master Energy Healer
Private practice specialties with acute injuries to chronic conditions. Supportive care for cancer, Covid (both acute and long-hauler cases),spinal issues, and severe pain syndromes.




This course includes 7 hours of instruction, daily practices, worksheets, and guided support.

To get the most out of this course, Kiran Trace suggests that you dive in, and stay with it even
if its over your head. You may not get it right, or perfect the first time, but stay in and the insights
and shifts will come. And you can take this course again and again.