Meghan Roekle


"Dr. Roekle is exceptionally gifted."


"Working with Meghan is like a breath of fresh air."


“Working with Dr. Roekle has opened my eyes to a new world and way of living.”

— VC

"Dr. Roekle helped me clear out my mental clutter, and uncover the truths in my life."


“I look at Meghan as one of the most powerful tools in my toolbox.”


“This woman lives what she teaches.”



Meghan's Story

I help you uncover your limiting beliefs, heal the pain in your system, and bring out the effortless & vibrant state of being that is your birthright.

A life of fulfillment is totally possible for you.

Everything you need

in your healing journey, from beginning to end.

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Meghan in conversation with other experts

Step 2

A live guided meditation series with Meghan

Step 3

Book a private coaching session with Meghan