Leela Sutter


“Leela’s work is embodied, loving and easy. She is a deeply present teacher—able to tune in to the unique needs of your body. I have experienced profound openings—releasing tension I didn’t know was there, and feeling a deep peace after each session. I trust Leela completely; I send my own clients to her, knowing they are in safe, loving & capable hands. I recommend Leela  to you with all I’ve got."


"Sessions with Leela proved to be amazingly beneficial. My body feels transformed! Seriously! The next morning after the first session, my body felt super energized and I'm motivated to make this a regular thing. Her gentle but sensitive approach is just right for my body. Looking forward to more."

- MT

"I have worked with a wide array of teachers. Few, I find, understand the concept of letting the body be, while supporting it with a soft, deep and healing practice. Leela is one of the few teachers who not only understands healing for the body, but perfectly accompanies it in her restorative sessions. I warmly recommend you try one of her sessions, they speak for themselves."

- VG

"I’ve joined Leela’s summer yoga retreat in Tessin and, whenever possible, join her guided meditation classes in Zürich. Whether it’s practicing yoga or sitting still with her, the experience is always deeply rewarding. While she does everything with lightness and ease (which is why I love her classes: no heaviness or “strict rules”), she never fails to be profoundly moving. I’m already looking forward to her next retreat and/or class."



Leela's Story

I'm an energy healer and yogini.

I focus on energetic resets. I help your system connect to Source and spaciousness in order to reset deeply resistant patterns. For your system it is gentle work. I work in a series, so that that gentle consistency gradually lets more light into your body and being.  You will notice a greater sense freedom from the moment we begin.

It’s not about doing.

It’s about being.

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