with Kiran Trace
Spain, March 19–26, 2018

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An Ideal Setting to Realize Oneness

Stepping outside of your everyday experience and into a beautifully-held container can be very conducive to your personal transformation and personal awakening. While immersed in this deeply nurturing environment, Kiran will lead life-changing teachings to let go of the old patterns, making self-realization your new way of being.

1 Self Realization

A container of 7 days to soak in the energy and transference of a profoundly clear teacher. That's the beauty of retreat – it provides us with a container to be seen and witnessed, while finding our own access to source and peace.

"Having been on numerous retreats with many awake teachers, I can honestly say Kiran brings something so unique and rare. My life is changed forever." —B.T.

2 Get Expert Guidance

Support to navigate through some of your toughest areas of pain, whether you're stuck in meditation practice or in your healing process.

On retreat, Kiran helps you to identify and move through even your most resistant patterns of suffering. With her incredible clarity into the inner workings of the human psyche, anyone who joins her on retreat experiences miraculous results in a very short time.

“Kiran leads people through the trickiest, sneakiest and scariest bits of our healing.” —A.S.

3 Stop Suffering

Retreat is an opportunity to face that pain with expert guidance and an intelligent set of practices. Over the course of the week, you will find a real opportunity to transform your relationship to yourself; your body, your life and your relationship with the divine. Nobody's life is ever quite the same after retreat.

“No one breaks down why we suffer and how to transform our pain more articulately than Kiran.” —L.E.

Your Guide

Powerful, Tender, and Real

Kiran Trace is an internationally known spiritual teacher and author. She died of massive spontaneous awakening into her true nature. Eight years later, at the encouragement of Moni Vangolen, Thomas Stubbs, Adyashanti, and others, she began to talk and teach.

Because she spontaneously awoke, with no prior spiritual background, she is known for her “fresh” take on spirituality.

“Freedom is right here. Right now. You just need to say Yes. You need to be aware, and then feel a willingness and acceptance for everything that shows up in that awareness.” —Kiran Trace

Are you ready to experience true freedom?

“Wow! More perfection. Kiran blew my mind every few minutes. I could never put it all into words, so I won't bother but holy mother do I love that woman and all she brings. So powerful, tender and real.

“THANK YOU. Deep, gratitude for creating such a beautiful container for us all to expand within…” –J.D.

An Amazing Location

The retreat center is located in one of the most pristine and beautiful areas in Spain: the Alpujarras, at the edge of the Sierra Nevada national park. (Nearest airports: Malaga, Granada)


Food is a big part of life on retreat. Retreat includes three full and nourishing meals per day, with vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free options available upon request. Food is organic and ethically sourced; local and seasonal.


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“Exceeded anything I could have hoped to have gotten from the retreat. Location was amazing. Travel organization and support was great! Format was inspired and felt like a good pace. Support from the community was great! Love you. Thank you for the experience. You will forever have a place in my heart.”

“Satsang was a wonder to behold. I was completely new to the concept of Satsang... I had to look up the word when I received the schedule. This fact is actually a testament to the remarkable way that Kiran has in addressing subjects in a manner that benefits both the "spiritual novice" as well as the experienced "seeker." I often felt as if she were addressing me directly in her dialogs, and so did my retreat mates. Beautiful. She also guided us in direct experience exercises that were nothing short of instant evolution – we leveled up repeatedly: Realizing oneness. Pulsing in love.” —L.K.

“I'm not the same person I was when I left retreat, and there is a stability coming in since the experience I had in no-self. It only lasted an hour or two but just to feel the quality of that space really helped so much. Thank you!”

“The retreat was great! I loved the structure. I thought it was laid out very well. Lots of structure with plenty of free time built in. I loved daily yoga. The magical mountain location was fabulous.”

“Yoga with Kevin was sublime. His calm demeanor and loving way of instruction infused ease into each session. He strayed from the schools of rigid posturing and over-exertion by reminding us that our bodies knew what they needed and could move themselves. He also initiated the yoga sessions from silence, providing us with a practical skill: taking the meditation off of the mat and into motion. Thank you Kevin!!” —L.K.