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And why you might like to spend a weekend with me…

The bulk of my practice is working one on one with folks, because I love to find where the pain is sourcing in you and help you root it out. I don’t love the “Satsang” format because those 5 or 10 minute questions and answers don’t get deep enough for me. I hate it when you can’t walk away with your hands right around a tangible solution, or insight. And at its heart, intimacy is what is required to live a life of fulfillment and joy. Authenticity is how you get there.  And this is really, really, really hard to do. It means having the awareness to find the right action for yourself in each moment, then finding the courage to express your truth in a compassionate way. We often have to do this up against the tide of others folks “busy-iness” or “overwhelmed” or your projections of what is expected of you, or projections of what others expect of you. To stand up for your voice, your right action, finding what I call your “delicious yes”, either by expressing it, or just being/doing it, and then to butt up against that huge wave internally of “I’m not good enough, my voice doesn’t matter, no one loves me”, and other painful core patters, is really freaking hard.But that is the practice, that is why you invest a lot of your time, money, frustration, sweat and tears.  And if you have had good discernment about your practice and your teachers, you have seen some results. The changes, the breakthroughs, the massive Ahhhs! The tears of gratitude, and hopefully, the freedom. Little cracks in your habitual patterns that start to shine freedom through out your world. And those cracks get bigger and bigger, and the freedom and ease is tangible. If you haven’t had some of that cracking happening for you, well its worth knowing that it’s available, it’s your birthright, your true nature is one of deep peace and ease. And you don’t need enlightenment to access what you are. You need awareness and tools for how to unwind the pain – devotion, good tools, and good maps.

That is why I do the weekend mastery. So you can have results, so we can connect personally, so we have a condensed period of time together, so you can watch how your patterns move, so you can sort out the freedom from the pain. So we can chart a personal map that fits you.  So, you can support your stillness, so you can find the clarity you will need.  So you can drop your obligations and busy plans, and find ease, rest and be nourished in the beauty and comfort of a sacred space. So you can be encouraged constantly to drop into your authenticity and to follow it for a condensed period of time.

Straightup, that is what its all about, that is some of the reasons you want to consider spending a weekend with me.

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