The Light Returns.

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The light returns and new year begins….

There is a spaciousness that presupposes all form. We all know this from Grade 6 science. You don’t need to be Awake to know that the table in front of you is made up of atoms. Atoms, which if broken down contain an electron that spins around the nucleus at such velocity that there is huge space between it and the proton. And science tells us the space inside of all form from these moving electrons is greater than the space of our galaxies. There is more space in our universe than form. Grade 6 science text.

Those of us that have woken up can tell you the properties of this space documented through the ages and never argued regardless of the personalities…Jesus, Buddha, Confucius. It’s called the Tao, the Self, the Christ, the big I, Oneness, Presence, and many other names.  It is a deep primordial peace, profound well being, vast limitless potential of bliss in this one and only moment.

So, that wall, that appears as a solid structure in front of you is an illusion.  A beautiful illusion, part of the matrix of many, many illusions that include walls, and the illusion that you are a separate seeming human, and  more layers of psychological stories. Beautiful, profound, glorious illusions. Wonderful, and essential aspects of moving space.

Fear is part of those illusions, woven deep in the matrix of forms. And fear is a profoundly seductive and clever storyteller, spinning stories and images all day long. Yap… Yap… Yap…Yapping all over, all day long.

Fear uses the illusion of time, past and future, to speak of beginnings and endings  You are welcome to be entranced with these story’s, BUT you are also welcome to see through this illusion and rest in the deep primordial peace that is, in reality, all that is. This profound well being is your birthright, and is in fact, an inevitable movement. Profound wholeness is here, and is the only true reality here. There is only one moment of profound bliss in reality. And reality eventually always trumps illusion.

The focus of most of my teachings is in helping you to unhook those deep entrancing stories. I know and understand very well, that this is not “effortless” nor without challenge and pain. That changing horses can be extraordinarily uncomfortable and hard and painful, and tricky. And that is my unique offering, assistance through the very challenging and muddy ground, carving the pathway for you anyway, because, and regardless, your birth right  is deep profound wholeness. My mission is to help illustrate that you can, will, and are able, to get there.

And so, you can play with this fear by lingering on the scary stories and images, transfixed by the certainty of it, spreading the word of it. Or you can see the root illusion, see that fear is behind it, and instead, change horses.

Either way, for now and ever, this one moment of primordial peace will remain undisturbed. Regardless of the illusion of a year ending and new one beginning.

I wish you a beautiful New Year illusion and invite you to come and join us this year in any or all the offerings we cook up at MGC headquarters.

Much Love,

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