The Impact of Awakening on our Physical Health. A rare conversation.

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Includes 10 Most Common Physical Symptoms and Body Parts Affected

There is a conversation that rarely goes deep enough about awakening and physical illness, because there is a correlation. Many of our Awakened leaders get very, very sick. Maybe for a short period of time, or maybe it’s a struggle on and off, or maybe they experience a slow ongoing illness. But this has come up again recently with the great illuminary Adyashanti, and his retirement earlier this year, as he has been struggling with illness and pain for more than a decade.
So, let’s look at it. 
Humans get sick.
There is a physical component and an energetic component to illness. Or you might think of it as a continuum. The roots of illness are energetic, composed of old beliefs, believed limitations and overall energetic hygiene. The flower of the illness is the physical component. 
An Awakening,  and even very fulfilled expressions of awakening,  like in great leaders, does not automatically wipe out all these roots of illness. Awakening can impact physical illness, because Awakening shifts our overall operating system, exposing those roots of illness, and amplifying them. But its good to know that when Awakening exacerbates illness, it is an important evolutionary stage of upgrading our overall operating system. 

#1 Operating system; Mind and Identity
Includes: memory, instinct, emotion. Also, most of us have some kind of trauma, which are unconscious and deep grooves of energetic contraction, buried memories, which we can be greatly identified with. 

But another operating system is the vast infinite source of all life.

#2 Operating system: Source.
Energy in the deeper dimension of the present moment is the source of your own being’s energy. It is profoundly effortless, and uplifted. It has all kinds of healing, compassion and crystal clarity awareness. And it mostly feels very different from the mental mind. This operating system feels like a mysterious and unknown source.  It’s so without memory,  emotions,  and identity it feels vast and unknown. But from this operating system somehow executive decision making still happens but with so much more efficiency, excellence.

Imagine your home computer. It has gone through different operating programs.  Windows 8 and Windows 10, etc.  Now what if that computer was really old and used the old floppy disks, the old DOS system, and you were upgrading it to windows. It’s hard to imagine that old DOS program, versus today’s windows. How can those two coexist on one computer?
New operating systems amplify the quirks of the old system. In awakening, our awakened state amplifies our old conditioned thoughts and emotions. In a true awakening, there are not so many mental filters anymore, and those deep wounds come floating up and therefore get amplified in our awareness.
And when we change operating systems, the new operating system doesn’t automatically take over everything. Instead it will waver between the two systems. You have deep habits for the mental operating system, and often subtly pull yourself back into those amplified wounds in your system.  And this is important because this exposes these and this in turn allows the old operating system to eventually weaken inside the new one. But that doesn’t mean the new one is strong enough to take over every aspect of you yet.
 Weirdly, this can be subtle for us to notice, because we are so familiar with it. We have been marinating in this conditioning for 500 lives, its so familiar, that we miss it, it’s so subtle to us.
But All of us hold these fears, old wounds, old stories that are the energetic roots of illness.
  • Not Worthy (or Not Capable, Not Good Enough) 
  • Not Loveable
  • Not Safe (Really a key one for illness of any kind)  
  • Injustice 
  • Don’t Belong 
  • Fear of Abandonment
Many of our leaders and teachers don’t seem to have much resistance or quirky patterns at all. But that is only in comparison to the rest of the people in the world. In and of themselves, evolution is always happening. And having these intense periods of illness can be seen as evolution, or upgrade glitches. Important evolutionary stages of upgrading an operating system.
How long the upgrade takes is about how long it takes to become conscious of what is being amplified, and how long you resist this. This is a general explanation of course, just to put some spotlight on the circumstances that impact our awakening journey. So let’s drill down a bit. There are common areas of our body that an Awakening impacts, and very common ailments many people experience. 
Common Physical experiences you may experience when Awakening: 

1. Exhausted. Like a very urgent, can’t even hold my head up, exhausted.
2. Hot or cold flashes of Kundalini.
3. Trembling, like a leaf, and/or shivering or even extreme limbs shaking.
4. Strange mysterious rashes and infections.
5. Digestion sensitivity or extreme digestive reactions out of the blue.
6. Physically painful to be around people in emotional trauma.
7. Migraine and ringing in your ears.
8. Vertigo or imbalance issues.
9. Extreme mysterious debilitating illness.
10. Sudden weight gain or weight loss. 
11. Strange fluid retention and bloating, or edema.
12. Strange internal heart tremors or palpitations that can feel like a heart attack.
Parts of our body most affected by an awakening: 
1. Heart:
Upgrades to a solid connection into the deeper field of unity and oneness, with vast states of compassion and feeling a connection to all. It can feel like the heart cracks, or explodes, open.

2. Nervous system:
Our internal regulator, the nervous system, gets upgraded to handle much more information that we are now connected to. The mental operating system is isolated in itself through memory and identification. Whereas source as an operating system connects you into an infinite field of interconnectedness, which includes more clarity, more information channels in the connection. 

3. Immune System:
This upgrades to handle more subtle energy codes. Your energy field is becoming more sophisticated and needs more subtle codes for what the immune system will label as ” foreign ” and/or harmful.

4.  Brain:
The upgraded new operating system will literally rewire your brain to bring online many more neural networks, or connected pathways, that will open in your brain and create a harmonized frequency.
So, there are some very helpful general solutions to navigate these changes in your physical body.

A) Recognise the resistance pattern in your physical or emotional system that is fighting these changes
B) Become conscious of what specific limitations that may be amplified in this process
C) Embrace the intelligence of the limitation, or illness, which is to offer you an upgrade.
This can really help connect the dots on illness and what is going on with your system. And of course the best solution or hack we offer is our long form classes and the yearly retreat. These are environments where there are crystal clear maps into source energy and the support and presence of a whole community exposing their resistance patterns to help you identify and articulate your own hidden fears, which are energetic roots of illness.
Awakening doesn’t have to mean you will have to get mysterious and or debilitation illness, but the very advanced, profound leaders are deeply evolving their own systems and therefore dealing with quirks and are very up against these energies!
However, the profound win is that even just some connection to source will upgrade and uplevel every area of your life. It is a far better operating system for every part of your world, like Windows is to DOS.  The struggles and mental anguish, the fear and daily grind are DOS systems, not windows. You will know more spaciousness, clarity, abundance and wellbeing. And you will have a profound energy to help clear the stuck energy in your field.
For more in depth treatments for physical ailments please check out my article: The Ultimate Guide physical symptoms of emotional trauma. And come join us in class or retreat to help you navigate off of an old challenged operating system. 

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