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Over time I have come to define my personality and my teaching style. I define it with words like”direct”, “uncompromising,” and “in your face”. I am not often gentle. I am love — a very passionate and consistently available love. And the shape of this passion is that it pushes and won’t let anyone rest in conditioned patterns that do not serve.

So what happens for folks is that it can feel very confrontational. To others, perhaps like a breath of fresh air. And it does get results, fast and immediate results. Because I know that what is true in your heart is going to be the deepest fulfillment for you, when you can embody it. And that you can embody it. And I want to say, even if I have to say it again and again and again: YOU CAN DO IT. IT’S POSSIBLE.

But I’m not going to hold your hand and hang out in your insanity with you. I am going to show you how you can get there, dig out what’s in the way. And then demand you stand up and do it.

Then along comes a letter like this. A new way to see myself that shakes up my own conditional patterns. A breath of fresh air.

Thank you.

I’ve been in one of Kiran’s telephone groups for a few
months now, and I wanted to share my experience of what that’s been like for
me. I’ve been going to see spiritual teachers, mainly in the non-dual
tradition, for many years now, and these past few months with Kiran have helped
me deepen in ways I couldn’t have foreseen. 
Kiran is a very good “seer.” She can sense, even over the
phone, exactly where I’m at inwardly, especially during a particularly powerful
or open moment. At times like these, she uses her intuitive skill to ask just
the right questions that somehow cause me to open up doors within myself that
I’ve never noticed before. In the opening of these inner doors, I am able to
experience deep aspects of myself in ways that are permanently changing me as
this ongoing process unfolds. 
Sometimes the opening of these doors has revealed deeper,
hidden facets of traumas and negative self-images that I’ve been carrying
around for decades, and with her guidance and compassion, I’ve been able to embrace,
“love to death,” and actually release these burdens in a flood of transcendent
Love and Light. To me, these moments are pure magic; true experiences of what I
would call “divine healing. “
Often, the opening of these inner doors suddenly reveals my
own inner beauty, love, and perfection, which for me takes the shape of
experiencing myself as the vastness of the night sky. In these moments I
experience myself dissolving into blissful “no-thingness” –that which we all
hear so much about in non-dual circles. 
One of the biggest gifts I experience working with Kiran is
that she continually helps me see through my conditioned beliefs and busts wide
open the plague of doubts that has always been my spiritual downfall. Again,
she has a great talent for “seeing” into a person, and she can pinpoint exactly
where the “wires” are crossed. In the untangling of these “wires,” or
deeply-entrenched beliefs, a huge sense of relief and freedom is experienced.
When those beliefs come up to play their game again, they are seen through
I am very grateful that Life connected me with Kiran. I
really needed a teacher of her caliber to work personally and precisely with me
on a regular basis to point out where I get stuck, and to help me see that
ultimately, I am not “stuck” at all. I am the vastness of the night sky, after
With Love from the One True Heart,
Rose (in Asheville, NC)

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