Letting Go and Other Impossible Tasks

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You know that thing you want? The one thing you want the most?

The one thing that no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to get? No matter how much Byron Katie, and law of attraction and letting go, and surrendering, and endless hours of listening to gurus, spiritual guides, interviews, books….

That illusive goal, that even when you go under it, and over it , and through it, and behind it…. That thing that keeps hurting because the wanting doesn’t go away and you never seem to get it.

You know that thing?

Well, the reason you can’t get it, is because of the deep grasp.  The grasp, that the above longing and seeking, illustrates. That deep tension and grasp is actually what keeps it at bay, just out of reach. Because, like the same charge on magnet ends, positive and positive repel each other, they don’t attract to each other. That is what the grasp is on a quantum level, an extra level of charge that creates a repelling force. The deep grasp actually repels that thing you desire.

Okay, so how do we let go of the grasp, the extra repelling force? “To make a wish come true, you need to let it go”, it seems like such a simple thing and yet for this longing, this hearts desire, its just doesn’t seem to go away, you try to let it go, and it pops back up again. And how many times have you heard this, “just let it go”.  Ha! Wouldn’t that be great, to just let it go, how much would you love for that to happen. Once you get old enough and notice this longing doesn’t end, you would be just as happy to let it go as have it. Either way would be great, you just want peace anyway!

But how can you possibly let this deep hearts grasp go?  How exactly is that going to happen?

Well, the first thing we need to do is actually like unplugging the power that is fueling the grasp.

The power source that is fueling the grasp…is Mego. Me (separate self identity)+ego (armoring around wounds)=Mego.

Or even simpler, mego is really just a deep pool of beliefs, usually limiting beliefs, like, “I can’t be loved” or “I’m not truly valuable” or “If you really got to know me, you would leave me.”

Those ones.

So step one is that the mego needs to be seen, really truly seen to get unplugged. You just need to see it.

Look directly at that belief instead of what the belief is saying. That is the first step.

Unplug it and the power starts to drain…

No power fueling the grasp…not such a powerful grasp.

Less grasp, less deep tension creating the charge (Like on the end of the magnet).

So, lets find the Mego….

Try this….What is the worst case scenario…what is the wost thing that can happen if you don’t get that thing…if you never taste God again? Not one drop of  bliss again?  Or say you never find that love, or you never make a ton of money? Whats the worst? Absolute worst?

Now look…really, really deeply….WHO is actually harmed if this worst case scenario unfolds?

  • Is source going to have a problem if it never gets enlightened?
  • Is God going to die if it never wakes up to pure reality?
  • Is love itself going to kill itself if it never falls in love?
  • Is silence going to suffer if it doesn’t get that dream house,or dream bank account?


The only one who is going to hurt is Mego. Is the identified beliefs, the one who feels unlovable is grasping for love, the one who feels unworthy is grasping for power and respect.  That is who is grasping. That is who is creating the massive tension.

Its not about giving up these dreams, This is not a “let go of all desires” sermon. Desire is an amazing creative force, your hearts wishes are beautiful seeds of creative intent, especially if they are deeply aligned, full of life, and pulsating with a delicious yummy yes. This is a story about letting go of the grasp,the repelling force behind it all, keeping the manifestation just out of your reach. Always just out of your reach.

You need to unplug the power that is fueling the grasp.  Seeing the devil behind it all. Truly seeing it! Not knowing it, or hearing me tell you it, or reading all about it….but by actually taking a deep look yourself.

The awareness, actually seeing for yourself the puppet master who is creating this grasp. That’s where and how the whole grasps begins to lets itself go.


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