Law of attraction: Quantum style

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Recently someone asked me to explain my perspective on the “Law of Attraction”… My answer came from a section of the book that’s coming out in a couple of weeks….

Seeking is a necessary part of what we may call evolution, a natural human impulse to seek in order to grow and change. We seek God, we seek love, we seek money, we seek power, we seek intimacy and connection, on and on. Follow any forty-eight hours of any of us, enlightened or not, and you will see each of these cycles playing out. But when fueled by pain, by the constant loop in your head about “what you lack,” the seeking becomes more acute and much more painful.

Let’s try something…

You know that thing you want so bad?

Perhaps it’s the one thing you want most in the world. The thing you find yourself unconsciously seeking in almost every moment. Freedom or enlightenment? Perhaps love? Perhaps never having to worry about money? Or never suffering physical pain? Or all of the above? Really, what is the one thing that, no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to get fulfilled? No matter how many books, or interviews, or courses you invest in, what is that elusive goal, that thing that seems to constantly ache, but is always out of reach?

Now feel into your body, see if there is an ache, or a throbbing sensation, perhaps in your heart or gut? There is a dense wound, a pain repressed deep in your system. Can you notice it? It has a physical sensation, and an emotional emanation, and an aggressive thought loop. That is what is emanating your story about lack, even though it seems like its your experience of lack that is creating the story. The loop in your head tells a graphic and painful story. That story rolling around 24/7 then creates your experience of lack. That is the real reason you experience the lack: because of the constant story. Not the other way around. In reality—actual reality—you’re not capable of lacking anything.

It’s not experience that creates the story; it’s the story that creates the experience.
And that story also creates your growing desperation, or “grasp.”

One major reason you can’t ever feel the fulfillment of this particular desire is because of this deep grasp. The deep tension is actually what keeps what you want from being experienced, because like the same charge on the ends of a magnet—positive and positive— repel each other, the grasp is repelling your fulfillment. The grasp, on a quantum level, is actually a positive energetic force. And the underlying natural desire is also a positive energetic charge. A positive force meeting another positive will repel each other. So the grasp is adding this extra repelling positive charge.

Letting go of the grasp releases the extra positive charge. This leaves the desire, or natural impulse of seeking— a positive energetic charge—to move simply toward “having,” a negative energetic charge. Seeking and having are magnetically attracted to each other. Positive attracts negative. Just as electrons are magnetically attracted to protons inside the atoms that make up all the forms of the universe. That’s how it moves around here. That is the essence of law of attraction, or other manifestation laws…

When we move without a painful story, when there are no wounds in the system projecting these painful mental loops, there is no desperation and grasp, no added charge. And such desires usually come into form quickly. We have all experienced it, like when you are thinking of someone, and suddenly they call you. That is a desire without any lack story; no woundedness around it; and rather quickly, it takes form. We all have many experiences like this all the time. Watch and you’ll notice: all day long your natural impulse of seeking becomes having rather quickly.

But those desires that feel desperate have a large charge, or grasp, on them, meaning they are fueled by pain in your system. Meaning they have an extra charge and therefore can’t be fulfilled until that extra charge is released. Basically, they need some more support. The grasp needs to be unhooked.
But how do you do this? How exactly do you unhook a desperate, painful grasp? Ultimately, the answer is in healing the dense, stuck energy in your system. The full answer is in healing the wound that is unconsciously spinning the painful mental loop in your head, and convincing you that you are less than, worthless, separate, and so on.

Once you heal the deep wounds in your system, you are very capable of having instant manifestation; none of us are separate from the basic laws of the universe. You might find your attracted to some kind of practice, or by simply letting life guide you to the best possible outcomes. My personal preference is letting life guide me. Life always comes up with things 100 times better than I could imagine! If you look back on your life of experience, you might have the same conclusion, and even though it was maddening that you didn’t get what you wanted at the time, you actually ended up in a much better position. Regardless, that’s my take on it all.

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