Kharma Busting 101

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I like the word Kharma. I like that it can mean some baggage right now, and baggage with a past. I like the word pain body too, such a great descriptive saying from Eckhart Tolle.
This is what I know about dissolving Kharmic pain bodies…
First off, when we suffer or are in the sudden grip of an “owie, be it a rage, a grief, an anxiety attack, a panic attack, anything really that just feels awful, that is your pain body. Or as I like to say Kharmic pain. We have 3 layers to that pain. The first layer is up at the top of your body, in the head,”yap, yap, yaping” away. In my case its often a rant of some kind, but you will recognize it, you know it well…the irritated yapping mind. A seemingly endless stream of irritated thought. There is a second layer, if you were to imaging a cord dangling down from that chatty thought stream, and you followed it down, down, you would discover an emotional field, perhaps say grief, or rage, or anxiety, panic, depression, or anything that contains fear and unhappiness. Then follow the line down from that to the third layer, a physical sensation. Usually it feels like a muscle knot, but a knot in some very hard to reach part of your body. Usually you can feel it  behind your heart, or in your ribcage, but really it can be located anywhere. Regardless, you can feel it, and it won’t take much to notice that particularly vibrating ache.
So here is the trick. Stay with the physical sensation. Hold it in your awareness.  Like you can be aware of your breath if I ask you to do that…a soft kind of listening. Awareness can be very potent when used correctly. So, very closely, like your awareness were touching it, holding it, focus on that physical knot. Be aware of  touching it, not the distance of an observation, but the intimate sensation of touch. Now simply stay there, unwavering and unmoving. Like our beautiful zen brothers have taught us, by sitting..totally unmoved at the wall. Stay with your awareness touching that physical sensation. Regardless of  the emotional story, which will get very big and try to grab your awareness, or your thoughts which will get very seductive and strategic,ie) “This is so stupid, lets go back to the music page…” or “Did I forget to turn off the stove?”,  and the best ” I think this is making it worse”. Regardless of the thoughts brewing up a storm, stay put. Simply stay with the one act of touching the physical sensation.
If you drift away, simply come back to the sensation of the physical knot. Stay there and you will notice…perhaps it takes a couple of minutes, perhaps much less, but you will notice that the physical sensation will dissolve. And with it, the emotional field and the irritated though stream. It will dissolve for all time. That particular pain body, that particular ache, will dissolve and be transformed into a much more comfortable ease.
Kharmic pain can be dissolved. I know you may have heard otherwise…So, don’t take my word for it. Directly experience it yourself, channel your inner Zen dude, and try it out.

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