Its Just a Numbers Game and Other Lies

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10689599_620969424674661_6632675153235750410_nHave you heard this advice?

It’s just a numbers game.

In sales, in love, in your attempts to make your dreams come true.

It’s a lie.

It’s not just a numbers game. It was never a numbers game, and it never will be.

Because it’s a karma game.

It is your Karma that is defining your chances and your wins.

Karma is your conditioning, your subconscious habits and patterns, the core wiring in your system. It acts like a lens on how you see the world.

If you were born from a family that had ‘too many mouths to feed’, and you got messaging all the time that you weren’t wanted, or you are too much, and your parents didn’t really have a clue about how to support you.  You are going to have a filter of this story through which you see the world. A filter that feels like whatever you do, you’re not really loved and you’re just too much. It will become how you see  yourself and sadly, this belief will be mirrored all over the place for you, because the external world is a mirror of your internal world. True Fact.

So, it’s true you miss 100% of the shots not taken, but it’s not a numbers game before you get one shot in. Wayne Gretzky gets every shot in. You personally might stand at that goal line and take shot after shot after shot and get none in. Because you don’t have his conditioning, his karma, and therefore his opportunities and his skill. ( P.S. I’m Canadian, hockey analogies are my tell).

Now, skill you can learn, skill is the easiest to come by with money, love, health, etc. But conditioning is another story, it needs to be seen, and then unwound and then reprogrammed. And all this is do-able, but you need a good map of how to do it, and some sincere devotion. Only then will you be able to seize the opportunities reflected back to you from the world.

So it has nothing to do with numbers, don’t waste your time taking endless shots so to speak. You need some adjustments to your karma, some reprogramming and some skill. When that comes together, its still not a numbers game, because now you get every shot you take.
The better you get with skill, the easier it comes, but only when you have reset your karma . You can be the most skilled in the world, but have crap karma, you will have zero opportunities or blow every opportunity that comes your way. The world is full of amazing, super talented or skilled folks, but only the ones with great karma and skill get the chance to make it.

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