Its easy to think that

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Its so easy to think that love, bliss, fulfillment is outside of you. That its in the embrace of your soul mate, or in a prosperous business, or in the new car, hot sex, sunny holiday, pregnant belly, mortgage paid, mortgage accepted, grad school, grad school finished, new job, new wife, more hair, less weight, retirement package, winning lottery, enlightenment.

Easy to think that.

But perhaps you suspect that its not found there. Sadly, when you have gotten a bunch of these wishes fulfilled you noticed, as nice as it is to get these things, there was no permanent fulfillment.  Because its not really there at all. Yes, joy is found in many of these places, and even millions more, but fulfillment, or bliss or love, is not actually sourced from there at all.

But its harder to notice all the subtle, small ways that your being still reaches out to get it from there anyway…

Thousands of little unconscious habits to get love, peace, joy…”out there”.

Regardless, its all right here.

Love, fulfillment, peace….its here. Your saturated in it, your heart is beating with it, your very being is it. The love you feel in the embrace of your sweet lover, was here first. Here before the lover, before the embrace.  I don’t mean it metaphorically, or poetically. But literally. Its here.  When you hear a 2 year old belly laughing, that rush of joy you feel….that joy is here first, before the laugh, before the baby belly shakes. What your feeling can be inspired by the laugh, or by a ray of sunshine, a song, a flower blooming, a dog saying hello, a movie, a story, a touch, a smell, so many things can inspire it, because its here already.

That joy, and love and presence is all around you, is in essence, what you are…its what your cells are, its the energy of the universe pre-form and its totally, fully, ripe and right here.

The only reason you can’t feel it, is because of habitual pain patterns. Wounds in your system that become armor like and shield your joy, and peace and passionate love from being felt.

But regardless, you can still access it. You can find all the simple repetitive ways your joy sparkles up inside of you. And without relying on something out there, you can use these “external stimulus” to remind you, that you are this joy. Look inside all the while, noticing how this love, this light is here first. Change the direction of where you’re looking..when its happening. Its not the hot sex that is making you dissolve into oneness…as entrancing as it is to look at your lover and determine that. Look at the oneness and notice, it was here first. Its here…here whether your having hot sex, or having a hot fight.  Its here, bathing you in light regardless of what “out there” looks like. Once you notice that it was here first, you can saturate in it as often as possible.

And of course, because we all know our law of attraction 101….chances are you’ll have a lot more hot sex once you notice you’ve already got all the juiciness, and love and connection you will ever need, right here.(And this is not in the ” Law of attraction101 handbook”, but worth sharing with you,  once you stop needing  “out there” to be a source of pleasure and joy for you, you start giving all this oneness to the world instead. See Groundhog Day: an awesome movie staring Bill Murray to watch this process unfolding.)

Regardless, your love, peace and joy is right here. Lets find your gateway in…

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