What I love about the fall!

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The season turns, and that makes me happy. It is the time of year when I do all my live events!

I find myself feeling excited for the weekend in Calistoga. There are many things about the weekend that I love: the view from the lookout ridge, swimming in November because its warm enough, the top notch amazing music being played just for our ears, when we all have to sing because our hearts are bursting with song, when the room gets so silent there is nothing left for me to say, being totally spent on the trip home because we dove in so deep and now we have this soft open love cleared of fear for awhile, and the healing, the healing, the healing…

I love being with you all in person, I love the intimacy of our small group. This year one of my best friends and a very special energy healer, Ruth Lera, will be joining us for the healing, as well as my favorite live musical guests, Elisa Rose and Kevin DiNoto, who bring a kind of magic with their energy and song that lingers long after the weekend has ended. I hope you will all be joining us.

Also in October I will be doing an afternoon event all about sex—a little afternoon delight! Some of my senior students get to see a side of me that most don’t: the sex coach. In a special request from them, I will be exploring this topic with all who choose to join us. The afternoon workshop will be in Santa Cruz on October 29th. We are going to talk about all kinds of juicy stuff; check out the details on the website.

And for those who can’t make it to the live events, join us for the new year of classes! The Body Class starts in January of 2017, but registration opens this December. “Body Delicious”… I think that is what I may start calling it. The class is a much needed time to get connected to our glorious body, and do the winter purge of all the old beliefs and limiting ideas we are carrying around. The quiet time of the year is the perfect time to do some inner spelunking and get rid of all the old self-hatred and judgement, and its always a good day to love your body, feel sexy, feel alive and feel connected! And that is the first in the series of classes and the prerequisite for all the following ones. Ahh… the season begins. I love it!

Can’t wait to see all of you! Please register as soon as possible before these events sell out. I would hate to miss seeing your perfect face.




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