How To Spot a Gnome Vs Fairy – Episode 56

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Kiran and Cami are in the studio today, while Leela is traveling. And this seems like a perfect opportunity to explore the Fairy, Gnome overlap, by examining their artistic passions. Cami is a Fairy and a professional artist, so have a listen while they dig down into the unique artistic expressions of these two Avatar systems. Oh and don’t forget the guessing game at the end of the episode to see how well you can tell these two Avatar’s apart! (Hint: It’s very tricky!) 

Show Notes: Search “A Brooklyn artist infuses her 1000 foot apartment.” It’s a bright blue townhouse with yellow windows. 

Instagram handle: @lpx 
Also see her buddy: Instagram Handle @skewville … Can you tell which is the fairy and which is the Gnome? 

You know we talk a lot about what Avatar you are at retreat, and we have a couple of spots still open! You coming? Registration is closing soon!

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