Coronavirus: Self-Care and Global Compassion

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Coronavirus Anxiety Cope

The Guidance, Tools, and Support to Cope

For a long time, we have thought that if someone sneezes across the world, it won’t affect us. This has always been an illusion.

We are connected.

The first lesson here is how deeply connected we really are. But we don’t need to feel threatened by this connection. Ultimately, we are all together in this, all of us perched at the edge of the unknown. But we do not need to fear the unknown.

Many times it has proven to be a place of awesome potential. But fear is an intrusive state, and it can be hugely and wholly captivating. And we can have a lot of compassion for how intrusive anxiety, panic, and rising hysteria really are.

But as you have witnessed many times in your life, perhaps many times this week, and regardless of how intrusive it is, fear does not actually represent reality.

What we CAN do during the coronavirus outbreak

As we approach more and more of a globalized culture, a much more free and sustainable way to regulate resources, we each need to adjust to a global immune system.

And this isn’t hard. There are some simple and basic hygiene rules at play. And, these days, we are all learning to implement them:

  • wash your hands regularly and for 20 seconds,
  • be aware of touching your face,
  • cough and sneeze into your elbow,
  • carry wipes in your pockets,
  • touch people on their back, or shoulder where they’re clothed,
  • avoid coming right on into someone’s personal space; approach them sideways when you have to.

These are actually very kind – and sort of obvious – basic acts that many of us haven’t deeply considered or taught our children.

The Immune System

But also, what is a strong immune system? 

And what makes it compromised?

I have been somewhat involved in some communications with CDC, and this is a question:

Why is one person critically affected, and their family and friends not at all?

A serious conundrum… and a perfect place for fear to get a foothold. From my perspective, your immune system is a mirror of your relationship to fear and setting personal boundaries.

Strong, healthy boundaries = strong, healthy immune system

A comprised immune can be tracked to:

  1. Overvigilant boundaries – lots of fear, repressed emotions, trauma, being held in your system in a fight, or flight survival mode; or
  2. No boundaries – being a martyr or doormat, feeling over-responsible for everyone you love. Feeling invisible, and needing so deeply to be seen and to belong. All of these beliefs and fears equal a lack of boundaries.

However, we do not need to fear that our world is integrating. Birth and integration are messy, yes. But with greater connectivity comes greater awareness and opportunity for all.

It’s time for humanity and to strengthen our global community

Let’s use this time to grow our humanity. Let’s learn better hygiene. Let’s slow down the “busy” and hear and see ourselves better. Let’s lean on our virtual technology to support intimacy and connectivity.  There is a vast opportunity available if you are willing to look. Tips for our turbulent times:

  1. Work on your boundaries: here’s a few useful articles on boundaries (2 min reads)
    4 Quick Steps to Setting Boundaries
    Anger is a Sane and Healthy Response
    Working Harder is Not a Viable Solution
  2. Connect to the natural world: Social distancing is not a sentence for isolation. Go outside and walk, ramble, sit, read a book, be nourished. Take a moment to actually connect; the natural world is your community too!
  3. Forge a softer relationship with fear: here are a couple of great articles:
    True Purpose and How We Are Creating Our Life  (3 min read)
    How to Meditate
  4. Book or create a virtual experience to feel extra nourished and connected. Community is defined by a level of intimacy we create with each other and not the spatial proximity. Virtual tech can help us create intimate relationships all over the world. Text a group of pals and:  
  5. Start a daily text chain with friends and family to share the wins and challenges of that!
  6. If you find yourself getting caught up in it all: be easy! Remember you can laugh it off, comedians save lives. Be proactive and get your belly laugh every day.
  7.  Share this post with your community: these days we can assume everyone wants a more in-depth perspective on our world!
    May you all find evolution, new opportunities, and healing during these precious days.


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