Celebrities and Compromise – Episode 5

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Aligned Avatars - Episode 8

In this week’s pod Kiran & Meg discuss some well known celebrities, their friends and couples, to point out how we have a tendency to impose our own avatar proclivities on another under the excuse that this is the “normal” or more “appropriate” way. Most of us are a little blind to how successful another way can be!

Show Notes: 
Glennon Doyle: @glennondoyal (April 12th post with a goofy image of Abby’s face, also April 14th image of Glennon with towels)
Dax Shepard: armchairexperts.com — Feb 14, 2018 with Kristen Bell and Aug 9, 2021 where Kristen Bell returns 
Bryan Callen: @bryancallen — post called “roasting Bryan’s outfit” 
Chris D’Elia: @chrisdelia

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Hosted by Kiran Trace and Meg Roekle
Produced by Kiran Trace, Meg Roekle & Austin Peters

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