Can you see the future?

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Can you see the future? I feel intensely curious about it. I think there is something about wanting to know that is just an integral part of the human being… wanting to know what’s on the horizon…


Sometimes I can, but it’s not something solid I can offer you. Because in reality, there is no future. There is just possibility, just potential.

And that potential is actually light. It’s an unlimited field of light, with highlighted spots of greater potential. There is no form or real embodiment to it. I can see images reflected in those points of light, and you might call that the future—so yes, I can see something there. But the only way those images come to manifest as your life is if nothing were to change the trajectory of the light. So, this is to say that if nothing would occur today to change in the current trajectory of your life, then these points will manifest.

But everything does change. It all changes.

So, it’s not something to put any energy towards in this moment.

That curiosity your speaking of—that “wanting to know”—is coming from a sense of insecurity in this moment. If I shared with you the images I see, all it could possibly do is comfort that discomfort that you are feeling in this moment. Which is to say, it just colludes with the fear, the feeling of insecurity. Which is also a fear of being uncomfortable.

As I teacher, I have no interest in colluding with fear. I have no interest in you avoiding discomfort or investing in stories of insecurity. I have only one interest: your freedom. I am only interested in what brings you to freedom in this moment.

Only fear wants to know what will happen. It’s not an integral basic drive of humans, because it totally disappears when fear no longer captivates you.

It’s hard to describe directly so I can offer you an analogy…

Imagine that your pockets were full of a hundred million dollars. And every time you spent even one dollar, your pocket refilled immediately. Nothing you could do could deplete it.

Eventually, any accounting for money would disappear. You would no longer put any energy towards any kind of financial accounting. Because it’s only there because of fear, because of a “lack” story.

Now, I use this analogy on purpose because I am someone who really enjoys accounting. I have a good aptitude for it; it’s a natural and easy joy for me. But when I died into original nature, this habitual and joy-filled accounting dissolved. I could no longer do it. And if I tried to do it, it was just a goofy, stupid movement that was so obviously unnecessary. And instead what unfolded is that I just purchased what I needed in a moment, and the money (or trade or work or whatever) surprisingly and always showed up. (Just like it does for most of you!) Often it happened in the most mysterious ways.

Now, I did not purchase anything from a mind of need. And that was also not a thrifty, ‘use only what you need’ mind either. It was just moment-to-moment present clarity. I had no fear, no lack, and it just aligned with reality. I get how totally irresponsible this sounds, as I’m a very practical person. But this is how reality works, exactly how it works for all of us.

When you can’t be captivated by fear, you get face to face with reality. And this is how reality moves. This is the reality each and every one of you are living. Even if you have a dense projection about another way that life works, something like: “You need to work hard and save, it’s hard to be safe,” etc. These projections don’t change reality, they just act like a filter, filtering the experience of life for you, defining the way you see life.

So that is what the curious and seemingly constant “need to know” is. It’s driven solely by fear and projected ideas of lack. When lack disappears, this disappears.

So my invitation to you is: when you feel a “need to know”, can you identify the fear? Can you feel the discomfort?
Now can you notice that fear is not the same thing as clarity? It doesn’t feel the same?
Now can you drop the fear? Drop it because it’s not clarity?
Now can you be intimate here in the present moment?

Right there is where you begin the process of freedom from fear.


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