A Time to Dream

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A quieter time arrives for the northern hemisphere. Its deep fall; a time of dying, of unwinding, of slowing down, or change. There is suddenly much less light and the temperatures drop. And this causes some emotional upheaval…

Its very natural to be feeling a bit emotionally fragile, a bit sad or depressed. The secret is to allow for some down time, without indulging the sadness or depression. A friend once told me the secret to the rain, that people from rain forests all know, and is why they just love the rain, is that you need to be introspective without being melancholy. And that is really the secret to the Fall season; allow some slow, mellow days for introspection, without becoming melancholy. Become cozy and dreamy, not obsessive and sad. Play folk music, not the blues. The secret is to remember that the empty feelings that naturally come around with the cold and dark are not scary nor signify the end or dying, but are the perfect conditions for something new to begin.

Creation needs stillness, quiet or empty conditions for inspiration. True inspiration, not the mental obsessing or planning kind, but the spontaneous dreaming that surprises and delights us needs spaciousness. All artists know this, late at night when the world is dark and quiet they are in their studios, dancing, painting, sculpting, recording, writing. The unknown road before you is not a dying or stuck, empty, fearful place. It’s an essential quieting, so something beautiful and new can come about.
So the secret is to take this time to meditate on what you would like that creation to be. Taking extra time to hangout and day dream, carving some down time to let yourself be surprised by what inspires you. Be willing to give yourself lots of room for creating….instead of playing tapes of fear, and hopelessness…instead of becoming so busy you can’t feel the darkness and emptiness. I like to imagine the trees dream of new buds and flowers, new branches and fruit, even as the leaves change color and drop, as the energy is spent and its time for rest and renewal is here.

What are you dreaming of?

We have some new meditations, full of presence and stillness, to help you in creation. Click here and scroll down.

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