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Kiran gives new meaning to the term “liberated woman”.

—Dawn D., Sebastapol, CA

In April of 2005 I died.  I died in a moment, sitting on the bed, changing shoes for a date, and suddenly I was gone. Three days later this spaciousness that I used to know as 'me' wrote, “such a strange death this is, a suicide, I have died into bliss.” A spontaneous and complete awakening into true nature, it later became known as.

My mind blew out completely that day. A spontaneous event, without aid of drugs, or meditation, trauma, or tech.  The mind and filters never returned. My life was over. The adventure of how to live primarily as space began. Its not at all what you think, to be in our modern world with no identity, only timelessness and pure unfiltered reality. For me there was no teacher, no mountain cave. Instead in the middle of a busy life centered in a hectic and noisy city, a beautiful and oddly chaotic, often extremely painful, period of transformation and healing began.

Because I awoke with no prior spiritual background, I don’t have any spiritual language or linage I am pointing to. Folks often call my teachings “fresh”. I see primarily from vast stillness, I embody the world by sensing the light or 'coding' of the universe. To help make sense of what this is like for me, I tell folks its very like the character of 'Neo' from the movie The Matrix. (ironically, I loved that movie!) I see coding and light, similar to how that movie portrayed it. And yet, not at all like that. Because my mind blew so completely I jokingly say, “I got the upgraded awakened package that includes empath and clairvoyant", but really its the profound lack of mind and filters, being able to sense a universal coding that gives me what we might call 'clairvoyance'. Because of this, and because my life prior to awakening was chaotic, violent, and painful, most of my teachings focus on transforming pain into peace. All of my teachings represent my direct experience of reality, I don't reference traditional teachings or pointers. I can sense where pain is sourcing in you, can read your deep seated patterns, to show you how to unwind it and find peace and freedom.

I consider Adyashanti to be my main mentor and am grateful for his gentle push to move me to teaching.

My books, classes, and other offerings are devoted to clarifying how you can access your innate sanity to transform your world.

A fresh voice among too many sound-alikes.”


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