About Leela

I’ve been practicing and teaching Yoga for over fifteen years. I help people repattern their nervous system and heal their bodies through releasing tension in the fascia, and infusing source energy into the subtle body including layers of your energetic body that are holding pain, resistance and generational trauma. This creates an ability to find safety and grounding in any situation of your life. The body is our portal to connect to Source - which ultimately is what “does” the healing.  This is gentle work, and the tenderness is nessiary to unravel those deeply set resitant patterns. Therefore I offer a series of 4 or 12 sessions, to allow your body to tenderly reset without returning to its habitual groove.

My search for truth aka Source ended in a Master of Theology (UZH) - but that only started the journey. What I was looking for was experienced more in my body - so I took my next steps through the advanced training in Vinyasaflow with Julie Martin and in depth yogic philosophy and history with Emil Wendel. I trained in Restorative Yoga and have concluded the certification programe in Traumasensitive Yoga offered by the Center for Trauma and Embodiment in Boston in 2020.

My desire to keep learning and expanding my knowledge is insatiable - I continue to work with movement masters like Vincent Martinez-Grieco or Bruno Caverna.

My most prominent and profound mentorship is a mastery with my teacher Kiran Trace and my work as a healer today is essentially translating her teachings into the subtle mechanisms of the body, be it in my classes, retreats or in private sessions.


"Leela is wonderful at sensing what your body needs, and it’s really sweet to have a practice specifically tailored to you. A series of yoga poses that meets you where you are, and then grows with you as your physical capacities expand. A reminder that being home in your body is enough."


“Leela’s yoga is embodied, loving and easy. She is a deeply present teacher—able to tune in to the unique needs of your body. I have experienced profound openings—releasing tension I didn’t know was there, and feeling a deep peace after each session. I trust Leela completely; I send my own clients to her, knowing they are in safe, loving & capable hands. I recommend Leela’s yoga to you with all I’ve got."


"A Yoga session with Leela proved to be amazingly beneficial. My body feels transformed! Seriously! The next morning I got right back down on the floor and although I couldn’t remember all the moves she showed me, my body was super enthusiastic and motivated to make this a regular thing. Her gentle but sensitive approach is just right for this “mature” body. Looking forward to more."

- MT

"I have been to various restorative and yin classes, with a wide array of teachers. Few, I find, understand the concept of letting the body be, while supporting it with a soft, deep and healing practice. Deborah is one of the few teachers who not only understands the need for downtime / restorative / healing time for the body, but perfectly accompanies it in her restorative yoga classes. I warmly recommend you try one of her classes, they speak for themselves."

- VG

"I’ve joined Leela’s summer yoga retreat in Tessin and, whenever possible, join her guided meditation classes in Zürich. Whether it’s practicing yoga or sitting still with her, the experience is always deeply rewarding. While she does everything with lightness and ease (which is why I love her classes: no heaviness or “strict rules”), she never fails to be profoundly moving. I’m already looking forward to her next retreat and/or class."